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what are the best builds for Steel Path?



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Done it all with just Baruuk, he just melts


You can change meter fillup method to spamming 2 and alter the build for that, its a personal pref

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Steel Path Interception is made tougher by how empty nodes tend to be. Vauban is a great solo Interception option, specced for range>duration>energy economy>survive(enemies can one shot, so you need a bit)>strength. His 4 lets him lock down the whole map with ease, while strong weapons and his 2 dish out damage.

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Vauban hands down is the best for interception Steel Path. Ragdolls don't count for capture, so just spam bastille and lockdown the entire map. You don't even have to kill enemies, just let the timer run out.

Khora would probably be next best, for the same principal. Ragdolls can't capture.


As for disruption I found that all I needed was zenurik slow or magus lockdown and a good melee weapon.

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These are the frames I used for solo clearing the SP starchart:

Interception: Nyx - get 280% range, use chaos to lockdown all enemies in a 70m radius. It also stops a capture in progress.

Disruption: Nova (Slowva) - Slow demolyst with molecular fission and kill with Redeemer Prime heavy attacks.

Defection: Wisp - haste mote speeds up the defectors so the mission goes really fast.

Assassination: Nyx - can 100% strip armour with 1 button. Armour is the biggest problem with most bosses. I went 124% strength so psychic bolts did 99% armour strip and I killed with Vectis/Redeemer/Melee most of the time. Element depends on type of armour - radiation vs alloy, corrosive vs ferrite. The only exception was Lephantis where I used Titania because of the per pellet damage reduction. Go with insane fire rate weapons i.e. dex pixia.

Capture/Rescue/Sabotage/Exterminate/Survival: Gauss - Super fast, near unkillable, cc immune melee blender frame. Slash/Viral Kronen Prime and Kuva Nukor for CO priming.

Defence/Mobile Defence/Excavation: Octavia - Mallet will prevent the static objective from taking any damage.

Spy/Junctions: Ivara - no brain vaults where you can just roll through all the laser tripwires and not care. For junctions I used the same spy build (with preparation in exilus slot so you start with full energy). Prowl and sleep arrow, then melee to death.

Hijack: Inaros - no shields! Just ride the wagon all the way to the end.

Archwing: Itzal/Larkspur/Prisma Veritux - you can use melee to teleport from mob to mob while invisible (penumbra). For pursuit and jordas golem I swapped out Larkspur for corrosive grattler.


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