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WTS Ignis Wraith Blueprint - 50 pl

Message added by Letter13,

Hey everyone,

The only reason you should be posting on a trading post thread is to engage in the buying, selling or negotiating of the trade of goods being offered or sought by the thread starter. Disagreeing with a user's practices/ethics/morality in how they conduct trades is not an excuse to ignore the forum rules and post harassing messages targeting said user. If you want to give the item away for free, you should create your own thread to do so instead of soliciting it here.

Moreover, reporting the thread because you don't agree with how the thread starter is doing their business is not an appropriate use of the forum report function either. It's not a dislike or disagree button, and misusing it is considered a form of abusive behavior. 

Lastly, because no rules are being violated by the thread starter, this thread is being allowed to remain open. If an item can be exchanged through the in-game trading system, then users are free to set their prices however they wish, so long as the price is for in-game trade-able goods. 

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Note: Starting on the 11th, i won't be able to sell the bp for 2 weeks, you can still make a request and i'll get to it once i get back

Since selling in trade chat is quite the success, i was thinking of expanding into the forums so that more players are able to aquire this lovely Blueprint of a great weapon.

If interested, i can sell the BPs i currently have for 50 plat each (non negotiable), just message me ingame or message me here incase you can't find me online. You can also buy multiple ones for your friends, but do mention how many you want to aquire so i can gather them beforehand.


Do note that several posts and comments have been removed (quite many actually), so please don't use this topic as a recruitment one (seriously, this isn't recruit forum) or your own personal trading post, keep things civil. You are obviously free to do otherwise, at your own responsibility and consequences, TY

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35 minutes ago, ...huh said:

People give these away for free

Ignored users are unable to aquire the bp, regardless of their budget, it's not that the bp is too expensive for you, it's simply that the seller is outside your reach. To get the BP you'll need to contact another seller altogether, one that accepts whatever behavior that made you ignored to begin with.


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8 minutes ago, LC.Netzach said:

I need 18 for 18 mates, thank you :)

that's 3 trades each with 6 ignis wraiths

Can do 150 per trade, let me know if interested. I added you as a friend so i know when you're online.

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For people asking, I said i bought some ignis for my friends, not for me. You should really read that warning message the forum moderator put up, i traded once with the OP to 3 of them for some low mastery rank friends that started playing recently. OP's service was so good that i decided to come here and thank him for the trade.

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