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Fixing the Granum Void: It's Easier Than You Think


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One thing I have noticed about the Granum Void in recent Warframe content....DE really wants to make that place relevant.

I'm under the assumption that making that area shine more in future content is a LOT easier than they are making it out to be. While I don't have an idea fully fleshed out, I have some ideas that have been brewing for a little while.

And thus I propose....The Granum Void game mode!


"Granum Void Exploration":

  • After completing the "Deadlock Protocol" quest, the Granum Void will become a game mode under the "Event" tab in the Navigation menu.
  • The Perrin Sequence will be in charge of directing you through this game mode, similar to how the Arbiters of Hexis run Arbitrations. "The Business" could run the missions instead of the Perrin Sequence.


  • Rank 30 Warframe required
  • Gameplay is the same as the Granum Void; players must strive to keep the timer running for as long as possible. A timer keeps track of how long you go for; enough time spent in the Void will give you one rotation of rewards (AABBCC rotation, like Arbitrations). Perhaps some new maps as well as the original Granum Void map.
  • Bleedout is not present, like in Arbitrations; Tenno can resurrect themselves by collecting a certain amount of the triangle particles (let's call those "Granum Particles" for convenience) to "rewind" their death.


  • Finishing one rotation will reward Credits and a Zenith Granum Crown + one additional random Granum Crown for each "rotation" of time in the Granum Void (for simplicity sake, let's say it's 5 minutes per rotation)
  • Rewards inside the Granum Void will be mainly Credits, Granum Crowns, cosmetics, weapon parts, and "Stance" forma Blueprints
    • Rotation A will include low-to-mid Credit caches, Granum Crowns x3, Velox components, mods, and a low chance for a Stance forma Blueprint
    • Rotation B will include mid-to-high Credit caches, Exemplar Granum Crowns x3, Stahlta components, mods, and a low chance for a Stance forma Blueprint
    • Rotation C will include high Credit caches, Zenith Granum Crowns x3, Stropha components, mods, and a low chance for a Stance forma Blueprint or a new Ephemera
  • A Kiosk (Granum Honors) will also be available in Relays that allow you to spend Granum Crowns for different items, with rarer items being bought with higher level Granum Crowns. These items could include:
    • Granum-based Emblem
    • Granum Illumina
    • Granum Crown Blueprint
    • Parvos Granum statue
    • Temporal Cracks Sigil
    • New gameplay focused mods
    • Granum skins for the Arca Plasmor, Arca Scisco, and the Arca Titron
    • Ephemeras
    • Operator Cosmetics
    • Archgun Mods
    • Protea Warframe components
    • Granum Crown decorations
    • "Golden Hand" Emote


Not exactly original, essentially just a Credit based Arbitration, but I believe this format for Granum Void would be a lot better than what is currently the path for Granum Void. I'd like to list some possible benefits as well that would make this beneficial to the player base:

  • It would serve as an additional method to gather Credits without replacing the ones that currently exist (ideally)
  • It would be a much more engaging and continuous method to get the components for the Stahlta, Stropha, and the Velox, instead of having to repeat mission after mission. The same goes with Protea (you could even have players collect "Locators" that could be no mod missions like getting Grendal, only focused more on "stealth" than "survival").
  • It would be a way to encourage what playing the Granum Void is actually like
    • A continuous mission that revolves around keeping the timer up for as long as possible. I don't believe there is a mission like that in Warframe.
    • If some gameplay changes were made, it would promote strategies that isn't just "bring Mesa". Bringing the Xoris would actually be beneficial instead of being a worthless gimmick in the current state, as well.
  • It would be a reliable way to farm Granum Crowns, if using them for Corpus Lich spawning is going to be a thing.
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I'm not sure DE "really wants to make that place relevant" based on a second game feature coming from it. They installed it as a mini-game for Protea and a couple weapons in 2020. Now a year later, they're returning to it without changing the minigame itself to introduce/activate the Sisters of Parvos. I imagine that's because it's an opt-in interaction (so as not to get in the way of players who aren't looking for a Queenpin), and because it's thematically Corpus.

Nothing suggests to me that they want to make Granum Void shine more in future content. If they did, they would be revisiting the minigame itself with updated enemies, map, rewards etc., but they aren't doing that (at least as far as we've been shown). They aren't even trying to make it shine this update.


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They used to let players make it shine, but then they nerfed all that.


Players:  Behold the power of galaxy creation! This lil light of mine, I'm gonna make it shine, make it shine, make....

DE: Light Begone!








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