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Up the Credit Rewards for Dog Days


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Looking at the Dog Days event just now, I wasn't seeing anything I feel like I need. And farming for 20p worth of stuff to sell is faster than completing the event for an Orokin Reactor.

That's fine, no problem there. Tenno should be participating in an event because they like the way it changes up the gameplay, not always just for the swag. I personally don't care for the water gun fights, but some people might enjoy it. And more power to them. Preferably, more power and some more credits.

Can we get the credit rewards bumped, for those players who do participate, as I have in the past on a different platform? Two back to back runs of the lowest-level Railjack mission yields 66k, and is way faster than even one of these super soaker battles. I think a fair value would be 100k credits, per Dog Days mission. Since I assume the rewards are earned only once, unlike some events where you do a bunch of runs for points toward a goal.

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