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[suggestion] visual weapon scaling


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yeah man you know what'd be cool

if we could change the size of our weapons


For guns I could see this being iffy, although it'd still be fun to like, scale up or down the size of a pistol 10-15% and change it into a pea-shooter or actual handcannon.

BUT, I think melee weapons would be where this could be really fun, and possibly more doable? It'd be fun to change my Rakta Dark Dagger into a tiny prison shiv, or scale it up into a shortsword. And people love their greatswords, right? You could scale it down a bit into a "bastard sword," or go nuts with a giant Corpus credit card.

It'd also be great for FashionFrame since if you have a more petite frame or a bulkier frame, you can scale the weapon to fit your personal ~ A E S T H E T I C C ~


ok thanks for listening

I'll buy you people a pizza if you make this happen

just a few though cuz I ain' rich bruh


also the Athodai or Plinx should've been the System Shock 2 laser pistol -- play with it; it's fun

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On 2021-06-11 at 5:24 AM, snoozecruise said:

scale up or down the size of a pistol

I don't think this will work because of how the weapons are rigged, for example making a pistol bigger will simply clip through the hand, same for a primary and melee, and to make them smaller it would need the fingers to be further closed or there will just be gap in between and on some weapons it might make the weapon so small it simply will not be grabbable in a normal way!
Well ofc we could make rigs capable of handling that or re do pretty much all of the related animations but it..... kinda is a lot of work which doesn't really gives us much in terms of making a game.

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