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  1. ignore all the "GIT GUD" nonsense here; the real lesson is just to take a practice test -- there's a little button in the corner. DE has gotten better, but there is still plenty of stuff in this game that is fairly unintuitive and is a game of "figure out what the devs want you to do," or "implement cool ideas on paper but mop up the execution later," or "why does this exist". This game used to be arguably borderline unplayable without heavy use of the wiki and Youtube, and... well, it's still a good idea to use those. Granted, I think part of Warframe's charm and fun is precisely because
  2. It's definitely faster, because I was doing liches before and after this "change" happened. Before it used to take about 30/60/90 thralls per stage, but now it's reduced by around 35% or so? It's a welcome change, because once the Sisters pop in, it'd be daunting for a newer player to have to grind all those weapons. I welcome the change, although the one drawback is that they didn't increase the lich anger/spawn rate (at least in a party), so sometimes you find yourself getting the third requiem unlocked without a single lich spawn, and at most you need four lich spawns to verify your parazon
  3. sometimes I use things just because I think they look cool The Elite Warfan Club is currently awaiting its fourth member
  4. yeah man you know what'd be cool if we could change the size of our weapons For guns I could see this being iffy, although it'd still be fun to like, scale up or down the size of a pistol 10-15% and change it into a pea-shooter or actual handcannon. BUT, I think melee weapons would be where this could be really fun, and possibly more doable? It'd be fun to change my Rakta Dark Dagger into a tiny prison shiv, or scale it up into a shortsword. And people love their greatswords, right? You could scale it down a bit into a "bastard sword," or go nuts with a giant Corpus credi
  5. When they make Infested Orokin "liches," I'm gonna have all three types active at Lv.5 so I can have them steal my loot from the entire star chart. I'll have them all with Toxin Brammas and other overpowered explosive weapons so when I make public missions, my party members will be surprise one-shot by my angry invaders. Then one day their servers will crash due to a mysterious bug, and it'll take them a few days to figure out a workaround due to my years of stolen loot overflowing whatever data structure they've chosen.
  6. I could've sworn there was a Cycron shown on stream too, although some of these Corpus weapons are so terrible and outdated that arguably even a Riven mod can barely save some of them. Then again, they turned the Nukor into everyone's favorite over-powered one-click room-clearer, not to mention the Kuva Kraken and Seer (both of which I quite like), so it should be interesting to see how they improve the old stuff. NEW FLUX RIFLE: Infinite punch-through, infinite range, automatically auto-aims the boss, automatically teleports you to extraction
  7. You know what I would've done? I would've made it so the skill removes her glass, BUT over the next few seconds, have it slowly grow back into place.
  8. Oh nice, someone already posted about this. As the wiki commenters have shown, and as you can test in-game, this mod only adds 150 damage per tick, only modified by things like base damage mods and Kuva damage bonus. All in all, it only adds up to a few hundred damage per tick, when a modded Ogris explosion easily hits five digits. The Kuva Ogris is a decent weapon and certainly usable, but it's easily eclipsed by the Kuva Tonkor, not to mention the Bramma (obviously). Even the Secura Penta has damage performance roughly on par, and the Stahla's alt fire arguably has better overall p
  9. this thread is a good example of loss aversion psychology: -0.05: oh my god my gameplay experience is ruined don't tell me how to feel +0.05: oh this is great! reality: almost no practical difference, slash meta still annihilates everything, melee still destroys without rivens, gas damage sucks
  10. Is that Astilla cylinder supposed to be there? I could believe it, but the the rod intersecting it isn't even centered. Shouldn't the cylinder be up inside that huge gap? and wow, that Orokin bling. I'm glad there's a fashion sense for all tastes but I think I'll be sticking with the original Astilla. Thankfully, riven dispo means my Astilla will be at least as good as, or better than the primed version. Are we gonna get a glass sword skin for two-handed nikanas too, so we can complete the glass samurai look? And have it shatter like the glass swords in Ultima? (joking) also Fus
  11. I was reading a forum thread elsewhere and folks suggested that there ought to be an MK-1 variant of a sniper rifle. Most standard bows and snipers are a bit difficult to use in normal combat, so it's understandable that a newer player might choose to get rid of them in favor of other weapons. After all, why occupy an inventory slot to keep a weapon you dislike? But then of course, every player discovers at some point that you need to keep one of each weapon in case of sortie requirements. In those cases, it'd be nice to have an MK-1 version available in the market that we can just buy with cr
  12. The Perla pistol skin's unique reload animation works properly with the Hystrix's default poison quills firing mode, but in any other firing mode (ice, heat, electric), the warframe goes through the Hystrix's reloading animation. https://streamable.com/trewlr
  13. How about having Gas clouds just have a chance to proc any random status effect? Maybe it could be a meager 10% additive stacking chance, so you'd need 10 stacks of Gas just to get a guaranteed additional status proc per second. I kinda think that'd be representative of the kind of chaos a toxic gas would have: causing various biological ailments, staggering, and confusion, or a chemical gas igniting and catching fire, or a corrosive gas wreaking havoc on mechanical systems. Because the pool of status effects would be so large (including IPS), the chances of you actually getting the "best" one
  14. I'm honestly surprised a minigun wasn't introduced with the necramechs. I mean the Mausolon is good fun and all, but mounting a bit spinny-barrel gun on a mech just seems to fit. And just imagine slapping a Gravimag on it, with the big deploy shockwave, and having the gun spew out empty casings everywhere (or heat clips or whatever fantasy BS). I wouldn't exactly call the Tenora either a gatling or minigun -- although the spinning barrel aesthetic kinda gives that feel, it lacks the other satisfying elements of a minigun: the mechanical spooling noise, creating a dense wall of lead that j
  15. Looks like plenty of others have already said the same thing but I'll add another feedback point regarding the Void Storm explosion graphics AND frequency. At least during the Neptune and Pluto VOLATILE missions, the frequency of the void explosions is a bit too much for my taste. I kind of "get" what the intent was -- maybe a sort of urgency and danger you typically don't find in other missions, but when you're also dealing with swarms of non-stop spawning enemies, and this intrusive full-screen void energy effect, mission objectives, AND explosions happening happening in quick successio
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