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Tennocon was great but I think the New War is missing something


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1 hour ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

much as I like John Prodman, we got Kahl-175, he can handle whatever the sentients throw at him. FOR THE QUEENS!!!

a tag-team with Kahl and John vs the Sentient hordes would be amazeballs, even if that's going into bad fanfic territory lol. 

the difference between kahl-175 and prodman is kahl-175 was doing all that stuff being player controled and prodman did his fight with the crappy corprus crewman gear and crewman AI (you know the same AI that makes the enimys get right up close to the enimy before firing their ranged weapon coz aparrently its range must be only 5m and the same AI that makes enimys get lost in that newish corprus ship defence tileset)

kahl-175 may be good but theres a reason why people were so amazed at what john prodman did

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