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Warframe Ash prime Lull build



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1 hour ago, (PSN)dracoromanov112 said:

Does any got any Ash Lull builds?

What exactly are you trying to do?

If all you want is to force enemies en masse into a Finisher state (and / or quickly CC them),
I'd rather use Radial Blind, not least since that also gives a 8x Melee damage boost so one-by-one Finishers aren't even necessary usually.

Or, to boost Blade Storm damage (again in addition to mass CC), you could try Savage Silence.

But, maybe I'm underestimating Lull, with the Augment (and a more open, i.e. not-LoS-blocking map)
I guess it could get somewhat silly with good Range and Duration? Further research is required.

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