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Defaulting to Magnetic and Gas dammage?


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So. still trying to figure out how the mods stack properly and all, and i am sure that this has probably been covered before. but seeing the thousands of pages to sort through and how this is probably an old question i figured i would just refresh it here. any way. so as im modding my weapons and trying to add certain elemental effects when i have 3 or more elemental mods on they seem to try and default to having either a Magnetic or Gas Damage types... im assuming this is now this way because Rad/ Viral combo just seems so OP to me. but i find it annoying that i cant really chose other than maybe one combined type with one basic or to just go with magnetic and gas.


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its not 'defaulting' at all, the elements combine following strict and predictable rules.

you're in complete control, you just have to learn those rules.


They combine in pairs, in left->to->right order

Rivens that contain multiple elements, combine in bottom->to->top order

an element already combined, will not combine again -any additional mods of that element simply add to the First Occurrence of it.


check the WF Wiki for a complete table of the combinations....



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