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A few ideas of repurposing of Darvos.....


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I've been doing some research and reading a few threads recently about how Darvos could/should be updated/improved upon. One thread started by [DE]Rebb from 2019 spoke about an upgraded inventory. Another from 2016 was started about a cut price discounted Skana. And the threads mentioned plus a few others not mentioned have brought me to a few ideas.

1:- Instead of offering just standard items from the market, what about offering things that aren't usually common. Things like the Furax Wraith, Imperator Vandal, Gorgon Wraith and etc with the honest once In a life time chance to buy a Lato/Braton Vandal. Happening like for 1 day every 8 months of so, with only a dozen up for grabs.

These items would need to be priced at a competitive rate as not to dissuade TC but in a limited enough number to incentivise plat use, all coming potato'd with a slot Bottom line is that anything that generates an additional revenue stream for DE is never a bad thing.

2. I'm really hoping everyone can bare with me while set everything up. What If Darvo was set up like Gheed from Diablo 2, Kadala in Diablo 3.

The way that Darvo could acquire things for his shop is from player generated donations under the label of gear progression. For example you have a 2 Forma Exlius Adaptor, Braton Prime. Darvo would give you a quote based on what it is(Vaulted/Unvaulted Prime, Special Variant, ect), Level of investment (Catalyst/Forma,Lens/Exilis/Arcane) and give you a final number of store credits ("DarvoDollars") then you can use the store credits on other things that he might have on offer.

Items on offer would only be there for a very limited amount of time (6 hours max) before it goes back into inventory. Other things Darvo would offer are evergreen options like Kuva, Maybe Relic Packs, Maybe endo. Maybe even gaining Store Currency through the weekly Save Clem and having a higher payout on different tilesets on the Steel Path.

In any case I feel idea 1 will be implemented before idea 2, but in any case sooner or later some will need to be done sooner or later.

The only other thing that comes to mind is having something on the navigation console that's advertising what's on offer and wangangle the two together.

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it would be more convenient for players, but I don't think DE would even want to reduce the grind that much. ultimately, Darvo has been reduced to just being the promotional manager for Prime Gaming drops. a shame because he's kind of likeable as a character. I hope that when the Corpus inevitably go to war with themselves (Parvos Granum vs Nef Anyo), Darvo makes an appearance. 

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