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Basmu and Primary Merciless


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Ammo Maximum has never affected any of the Battery Charge weapons. That's what the Magazine Size is for.

However Reload Speed does affect the recharge, especially noticeable because Basmu recharges faster if you don't fully empty the magazine. So if you don't need healing, stopping to recharge is better.

That said, the recharge on the Basmu is pretty damn fast anyway...

But I guess you'll just have to deal with it only... only... giving you +360% Damage as you ramp up? Which means you can ditch Serration and use something like Galvanised Shot instead to ramp even higher, as well as Galvanised Chamber...

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None of the arcane max bonuses suit the Basmu perfectly.    Not too surprising--there are only three arcanes and it's kind of an oddball weapon.   Maybe there will be one that better suits the Basmu down the line.  

In the meantime, I think Dexterity is the best fit.  I still don't get a ton of use out of the max rank bonuses--one cool thing about playing Banshee so much is I don't really need to use Blood Rush--but I get a long duration damage buff that's easy for me to maintain.   And if you are playing Blood Rush or a weapon swap build, the Basmu is pretty well suited to that because of its magazine recharge.


(💖 the Bas, by the way.)

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