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Settings Reset Bug is Unacceptable


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I have almost every single setting in Warframe adjusted. Everything from the display settings, bloom, aspect ratio to the audio to the WASD buttons and all control and power buttons for warframes, archwing, necramech etc. and all other controls, chat settings, ping, EVERYTHING is changed in all the option screens just the way I wanted it. Then the game glitches and RESETS EVERYTHING. I don't even want to play now because the game decided to reset EVERY SINGLE SETTING. It's going to take me literally 20+ minutes just to go through all these settings let alone remember where the actual values and what specific keys are. I actually have to take screenshots of my settings so when the game does this I have to go to my screenshot library just to make the game work like normal. I expect better. I should not have my settings reset ever and I don't think it's too much to ask for a failsafe against this, I know nothing about computer programming and I can tell this is fixable to the point that it's unacceptable it happens at all and yet somehow has plagued this game for years. I shouldn't have to login to see the game completely reset itself and literally force me to fix every single setting before I can even think about playing. And to those who think it's not a big deal I say your settings are too simple to understand how frustrating it is to have almost 100 separate customization options wiped. To me it's infuriating and I would like this permanently fixed. If nothing else we should be able to save an ini file to our own computer that saves the settings so that it's at least quick and easy to rectify.

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10 hours ago, Leqesai said:

Thanks for sharing this. 

This bug is one of the most annoying issues that can randomly happen to Warframe players IMO. Being able to back this up is really nice.

No problem. I have quite a bit of changes in my settings due to arthritis and migraine so if the settings get reset I literally need to redo them before I can start playing. Most people take beautiful screenshots of their games, I take screenshots of my settings just in case :D

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