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Octavia prime schema run


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Just play random public games of axi fissures, maybe you'll get it from your own relic, maybe you'll get it from someone else by pure luck. And when doing several ways of defence/survival/etc, you can always ask people between waves, if they have nothing better to do, to use one of these relics.

Never did a single radshare, got 100% of prime this way. (Well, I'm missing a single piece of tenora, but I'm barely playing lately).

Don't waste your time here or in recruit chat, just get mass ducats, mass xp, and you'll luck everything you need over time without even thinking about it.

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2 hours ago, Zaiphr said:

Already try, but nobody 🙁

trading is always an option, but if you insist on farming for it, I would wait until after Nidus Prime comes out, because that's when everybody will be in recruit chat looking for radshares. granted, they'll mainly be wanting Nidus Prime and his weapons instead, but you never know, with the significantly increased amount of people in recruit chat during this period, you might bag someone who needs the same thing as you. 

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