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Bring back the loading screen drums as an option!


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Yes I'm that person. I started in 2018 and those drums added so much style for me; now the loading screens just have this synesthesia thing going where they actually put me in a more passive mood before playing.

That or allow somachord tracks for loading! I'm sure somebody's got a recreation of those drums that I can ape.

On the side, I can't find a video or mp3 of the actual drum tracks that used to play; anybody have any leads?

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On 2021-09-13 at 7:13 PM, DrivaMain said:

Oh yeah I remember that. If I recalled correctly, it was removed because it's causing issues. I remember when a player join my squad while I am already ingame, the drum soundtrack would just never end..

For those wondering, this is what it sounds like


Thiiiiiiis! I get exactly why it annoyed so many but I miss it so much

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