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Small/Quick QoL for Operators


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Now that the new war is drawing near, and that a few changes have already been made to operator, I thought I might point out some QoL operators need that DE can do as a hotfix. Small stuff that's easy to make happen. Most if not all of these should be doable within a day of development, though don't take my word for that, I'm not a programmer at DE, just someone making an estimate.


-Enemy Radar
-Loot Radar
-Small Tweak to Magus Melt
-Sentinels Follow Operator
-Void Dash Stagger
-Void Energy on Crossshair



Enemy Radar


Something operator's have been needing for a long while, arguably more then anything on this list, is enemy radar. Currently the best we have is sense danger, which is a mod for kavats that shows enemies within 50m the kavat once every 1-3 minutes for 25s. Which is better then nothing but no where close to being practical.


Essentially what we need is for mods like enemy sense, and animal instinct and enemy radar to carry over to operator. Since operator isn't very durable, knowing where the enemy is, is vital for survival, without it you are very likely to turn a corner and BAM shotgun blast from a grineer, dead.


Like i said, sense danger does work for operator, but it has its limits, and very few positives. It usually only pulses once every few minutes, and only for 25s at a time. The radar does not follow you or the kavat, where ever the kavat used it, is where it stays. New enemies that enter the area are not marked on radar, and if i remember correctly, when marked enemies leave the area, they disappear on radar, and don't show back up if they re-enter.


Loot Radar


Loot Radar isn't nearly as important as enemy radar for operators, but it is just about as useful. Having to swap back in to warframe over and over again to see loot, when you just want to play operator is very tedious, and just like enemy radar, this seems like a very simple change/tweak to implement.

As far as I'm aware, there are no work-arounds for this one, so its really just a  QoL issue with operator's that needs to be fixed.


Small Tweak to Magus Melt


Magus melt is one of, if not THE most important arcane when it comes to operator damage. As far as i know, its the only arcane that increases the amp's base damage. You have things like virtuos strike and virtuos trojan which increase crit damage on crit hits, and converts damage to viral, but none actually increase the base damage.

The only other thing that actually increases the base damage of amp's is unairu wisp from the unairu forcus school. This is also a vital component to operator damage, and without both unairu wisp and magus melt the operator simply cannot deal sufficient damage past level 20-30, which most of the game's later content is around 60-80+.


So the tweak i'd like to see is for magus melt to be given the same treatment as the primary and secondary arcanes, for it's stacks to decay 1 at a time, instead of all at once


I believe this is now important to implement as getting to max stacks, usually means using all of your operator energy on void dashing, leaving you vulnerable until it recharges. Now that they've made operator energy drop to 0 on death, this makes it incredibly difficult to maintain those stacks after first building them up.

Can't use void mode, you used it all on getting the stacks, can't use it after your operator respawns, they respawn at 0 energy now. Rinse and repeat until the stacks disappear and you got yourself a problem.


Sentinels Follow Operator


This once is a no brainer, sentinels should follow the operator. Don't know why they don't, kavats, kubrows and i believe moa's and the new sister hyenas do, why not sentinels? 

I guess a possible work around is using excalibur umbra so that he follows you, and by extension the sentinel but
(A) That leaves you having to constantly stay near umbra, limiting your movement
(B) You now have to constantly worry about keeping track of umbra's location, his health, etc.


Void Dash Stagger


One change i would like to see is for void dash to no longer send enemies flying into the atmosphere at mach 10, and instead just stagger them. Executing dash from the naramon focus school already does this, but that also opens them up to finishers, and limits you to only naramon, which is mostly focused on melee support... Which for obvious reasons, doesn't help operator.

I simply want void dash to stagger enemies, but not open them up to finishers. This way executing dash is still useful and its main purpose isn't compromised.


Void Energy on Crosshair


Something i'd like to see is for the void energy circle to go around the crosshair. This would both make the crosshair more visible, and allow you to more easily keep track of your void energy. Nothing big but a small addition I'd like to see.


These are just some of my idea's for small QoL tweaks to operator. Of course there are many tweaks operator needs, but Rome wasn't built in day and this was meant to be a small list of things they can start > finish > release in a day with little to no hassle.

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