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  1. I honestly see a non-change here. This won't matter until someone hits MR 20+, certainly won't help new players, or players who don't care about MR.
  2. Honestly, its just damn sad what its become at this point, its just normal missions + taxi. I refuse to play it so long as this remains true.
  3. If it existed, i pretty sure DE would win the nobel prize for no official statements at this time (or any time). Seriously though, we're lucky if it even gets acknowledged. They tell us so little now a days its clearly hurting their rep with their players, take this whole post's existence as just 1 example.
  4. Even still, a tenno is a master of many weapons, you don't think they should be able to spice up their exalted melee from time to time? I honestly don't see why this wasn't added sooner.
  5. This would fix most of the issues i have with valkyr's talons personally, thought it might be interesting to implement for other frames too though. Most of valkyr's exalted weapon's combos are so slow, only the slide attack is viable, and by that i mean i only use the slide because the other animations are that bad. If we were able to interchange the stance with other stances for claw weapons, that'd pretty much fix the problem for me.
  6. Wow everyone is just saying "define hard" without actually defining it themselves huh... To me "Hard" is something you can't just melt in seconds, Steel path is good for this, however that's only half the problem, the other half is AI, and it doesn't get more braindead then warframe enemies. I remember watching a video where the AI literally walked in front of the player, and didn't see him.
  7. I just hope they're gonna look at valkyr while developing her deluxe. (and i hope that gross jacket is toggleable)
  8. Hmm... maybe if they let aura forma be used on any slot, but only 1 slot, including the aura slot, can have it at any given time.
  9. With those sound improvements they really should look to making a 1st person mode. If immersion is their goal, doesn't get much more immersive then that, and with the sound improvements, it'd be awesome.
  10. I'd have to say no, kuva should be strictly for rivens. However I do think we need a new resource that is as evergreen as kuva is.
  11. I just hope that DE has learned from this past mistake, and didn't make the textures of the wings not match with warframe textures.
  12. In 2 hours? probably not anymore, but the reason why is still there, so it IS possible to get banned for playing too long in 1 mission. The reason is due to collecting too many resources that it gets flagged as suspicious activity This limit was increased around when steel path released, but has not been removed, so unless i missed a hotfix, it is still possible to be banned like this.
  13. Question: Will anything be done about excavation to make them more viable for frames other then frost, gara, and limbo, which can all guarantee the excavators don't take damage? This has been an on going problem for the longest time where if you can't stop every enemy from damaging it, the 1 that slipped past will destroy it all on his own before you have time to notice and stop him.
  14. I still think it should never have happened to begin with, the community was quite clear what their reaction to it was and as per DE's habit of late, we were ignored. I also think what brozime suggested should still be implemented, that they should be unusable in gamemodes you'd matchmake for, eidolons, orb mothers, etc.
  15. This is a very overlooked problem that NEEDS to be fixed. Life support on the normal star chart is half based on capsules, half on the LS drops from enemies, meaning its heavily based on mass killing. Steel path is based on making enemies more durable, and more dangerous. More often then not, you simply can't kill enemies fast enough to keep up the life support, especially for people who play solo, and people who are just starting steel path.
  16. I said it before and i'll keep saying it until something is done about it. I'm not gonna play railjack until they make the mission types fundamentally different, and not just the normal star chart with an added taxi ship.
  17. Ordis and Teshin are my top picks. Aside from them, Little Duck, darvo + clem, and even Cephalon Cy would be acceptable to me. Syndicates would be ok, but not just 1 syndicate, only if all the syndicates directed different missions. As for my "not acceptable" list, don't use Eudico, konzu, any of the entrati (including otak/loid), These are mainly the freeroam mission control, and due to the freeroams being different to the rest of the game, should not be mixed.
  18. I don't think its about how many people will switch, i think its more about how many people play mobile games due to money constraints, convenience, etc. The market for mobile games right now is crazy large, it doesn't matter if nobody even uses the mobile, with how many people that do play mobile games DE is gonna see an increase regardless.
  19. It has been indirectly nerfed by melee 3.0 and the parazon.
  20. 100% agree with the message, DE needs to really interact with the community a lot more, live streams or at least the quality of them clearly isn't enough.
  21. Potential Spoilers Ahead Its clear from the 30minute demo, that cetus and potentially all free roam area's, will be overrun and lost. And i don't mean as in "No more cetus", i mean as in under sentient control, a shift of faction control. I can't speak for others, but i don't really care about cetus or the other free roams at all. What i was hoping would happen, is that they'd be expanded upon in the future after they were released, instead it seems DE has genuinely abandoned them. There are still countless bounty bugs and softlocks, and even issues with the orb mother fights still. Essentially what needed to happen IMO is that the free roam area's needed to be reworked, added to, expanded upon. One main reason i don't go to any of these places is due to the bounty system, and how it handles the rewards. It offers a random assortment of rewards that the player may be interested in, from lenses, to endo and credits, to kuva. But in most cases for credits, endo, and kuva, there just isn't nearly enough rewarded. Simply put, i don't think the bounty reward system is good enough to warrant not choosing your reward/having influence over it in some fashion. But back to my point, i don't think players are as emotionally attached to cetus, and the other free roams as DE thinks. They've waited so long to make the new war, and haven't touched the free roams since they're releases for so long, the feeling has really dulled down for me. I'm hoping DE can make the new war as good as myself and many others want it to be, but i don't think they know their player base enough to actually do it, especially given they've ignored the majority of feedback on recent updates, its clear they've grown out of touch. TLDR: I'm worried about The New War, and DE's ability to satisfy their player base, after waiting so long to make it. But that's just my opinions/worries, I'd like to hear what other people are thinking about the new war. Or what they like/dislike about the free roam areas.
  22. Engineer? Absolutely, *catastrophic failure imminent". Defender? No, and this stems back to warframe's poor npc AI. Which they seem all too eager to ignore.
  23. Now that the new war is drawing near, and that a few changes have already been made to operator, I thought I might point out some QoL operators need that DE can do as a hotfix. Small stuff that's easy to make happen. Most if not all of these should be doable within a day of development, though don't take my word for that, I'm not a programmer at DE, just someone making an estimate. Summery/Index: -Enemy Radar -Loot Radar -Small Tweak to Magus Melt -Sentinels Follow Operator -Void Dash Stagger -Void Energy on Crossshair Enemy Radar Loot Radar Small Tweak to Magus Melt Sentinels Follow Operator Void Dash Stagger Void Energy on Crosshair These are just some of my idea's for small QoL tweaks to operator. Of course there are many tweaks operator needs, but Rome wasn't built in day and this was meant to be a small list of things they can start > finish > release in a day with little to no hassle.
  24. I dislike most of the newer frames because they're usually just re-hashs of old frames instead of reworks like yareli = hydroid 2.0. Xaku is not one of these, hes one of the more unique frames IMO. Still won't play him due to the aesthetic but i cannot say i dislike him.
  25. I can't tell you how much of an annoyance it is when a wisp joins and places the damn motes everywhere, if they ain't gonna make them opt-out, they should at least allow us to blacklist certain frames.
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