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Question about Power Throw and Radial/Explosion damage



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While building a Xoris exclusively for granum voids(toss/heavy attacks) I tested a bunch of mods.  Most of which I have forgotten now... but i think...

Power throw controls the direct damage of a toss.    You toss a glaive, it hits a guy..  power throw damage applys.

Killing Blow controls the damage of a glaive explosion.  You toss a glaive, you detonate it..  killing blow damage

Volatile Quick Return... removes most of your bounces but triggers a SMALLER eplosion where it hit....  If this gets triggered you are then unable to detonate your glaive??  (this can be good or bad depending on how you want to use it.  It can interfere with detonating your glaive... but it can also be useful to just toss your glaive and not worry about having to manualy detonate even though its a much bigger/deadlier explosion)  I have this on my xoris but im thinking about taking it off.  I dont really need bounces but it sounds fun and I am thinking i want greater control over Detonate. (I've done alot of sisters and VQR gets triggered alot lol)

There is one for more bounces... bounces dont really help like they should... this mod would be more helpful on a more pure melee version of glaive that you maybe want to throw.  Like maybe replace reach mod with a bounce mod and try to use it with combo multiplier mods.  Heavy attack toss glaive does pretty awesome damage to an aoe tho.....   my issue with bounce is it doesnt seek out new targets as well as they should (like the blade from an Amp PHAD scaffold)


Detonate follows under heavy attack rules,  Amalgum Organ Shatter and I think killing blow   both improve heavy attack wind up speed.   Maybe you could replace Volatile with an Initial Combo mod just for a small?? increase in damage??  Corrupt Charge??   On my toss Xoris I dont even bother using it as a normal melee weapon unless its like one guy right in my face lol.    Even smashing crates a 13m explosion is better than melee.  

Sac Steel/Sac Pressure combined give the best heavy attack CC buff...(unless you got a riven)

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