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  1. The entire Nightwave system is pointless
  2. I believe Vent Kids had the same situation but nobody noticed. I agree it shouldn't be a thing at all. Something as costly should not be a reward for ranking up.
  3. You may have noticed a pattern since Sanctuary Onslaught. Something gets released, few hotfixes, then abandoned forever. Liches and Railjack will be no different. Including whatever else comes afterwards. Look at the helminth system in its current state. Very poor. They will do a few small changes to appease everyone with that "look, we're listening to feedback" thing, and then it will be forgotten forever.
  4. Ah yes, Buy a token "Thank you for your purchase". Really? I have to see this each time for each token at each vendor? That's completely unnecessary. There's tons of unskippable animations. For example incubator. Equip a pet. Want to interact with it immediately? Too bad. Wait until the pet lies down, then the incubator closes, then the incubator opens again, then you can interact. Imagine breeding multiple pets and consigning previous ones. It's a nightmare, trust me. So many things like this are in the game.
  5. What about the scratchakins as Otak calls them, that literally sit 100m away and just shoot their stuff at you. That's gotta be another one of my grievances for sure
  6. You're better off just using your time to farm plat, and then buying the mods than actually playing the vaults. I've done my fair share of vaults and after i'd gotten all the pieces to build everything and no mods dropped i bought them. I imagine this is their intention anyway, to get you to buy plat out of frustration so they can earn money.
  7. So your fix for the overall bad design of having too few enemies making missions hard to finish is to play one specific frame with one specific build in a game that has hundreds of variations? That make sense...
  8. I got all weapons of all houses to 60% and during the process i would literally just use particle ram and fly around the map hitting rocks for hours upon hours. I would still never feed any of the resources to the helminth. I remember it took clearing the entire map to get like 1.5k asterite if you're lucky, with a booster. The cost is stupid and it keep showing update after update that they don't even play their own game anymore. They just randomly pick numbers and see what happens based on the outrage. It's irresponsible.
  9. Having to pay to infuse each time is a big turn off. I pay to get roar on a frame, then i change it to something else, then if i want roar back boom gotta pay again. This is beyond ridiculous and does not at all encourage "creativity and testing". It would be cheaper to just buy the 3 extra config slots and use 6 abilities on that frame and swap them around. Determining which ability you want is the big issue. Like others have said, everyone will just find a meta combination that someone had already tried out and stick to it. Other than this and some resource rebalancing i don't have a problem
  10. Yes, i've been doing vaults as client with friends, making sure mech dies before i have to abandon it and i've been keeping my xp
  11. I've actually found that letting the mech get killed before extraction lets me keep xp. I've forma'ed it twice already by doing this. It's been a steady xp gain. I suggest Profit Taker in a squad that can carry you a bit
  12. It can be leveled but you have to let it get killed before extraction. I've done bounties in Cambion Drift, Poe and some runs of Profit Taker, with 100% consistency.
  13. Can confirm, happened to me 2 missions in a row, was wondering where the xp disappeared
  14. Yea there are 5 mods missing, Blitz, Fury, Hydraulics, Streamline and Stretch
  15. If you care about maximum iron skin then charge is a must. If you care only about roar then it's not important. On my roar/skin builds i can't even use stomp anyways. A good skin build can do few hundred k easily with some setup
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