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  1. It's because they are insanely rare and hard to find. I've 4k hours and i've seen one Orokin reinforced
  2. That's a fake Orokin rare and doesn't count
  3. Can you show us a picture of your codex after you type in "container" in the objects section. Tnx
  4. Thank you for clarifying. I still believe there should have been a better way of resolving this as well given that nobody was even aware of the Riven Hunter app.
  5. Fair enough. Tell me this then. Were you all unaware of your clan leader's activity or intentions? I somehow find that hard to believe. Also, why push for that ban NOW? The bot has existed for some time and if you were benefiting from it too for that time, what has changed? Why the sudden desire to block the public information if you were taking advantage of it too, isn't that hypocritical? I've also heard some people say there are at least a few discord "private riven dealing" servers. Even so, like a guy on the 2nd page said collusion or association. There is no way nobody knew what was happening, it's kind of too big of a coincidence imo.
  6. This is kinda what the semlar trade bot did. It just showed you rivens that were listed and you could organize based on weapon or stat. This is the type of convenience trading should have. Not sitting in trade chat for 5 hours hoping you see something you like.I totally support an ingame market where people can list their stuff.
  7. Did we see the same screenshots?? Was it not their clan leader who did all of this and even admitted it? Do private discords with trade tracker bots which people made tons of profit of not exist? What about that screenshot that was circulating with 13 million platinum on the account? Was that gotten through fair trade as well? Come on..
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