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Shield Gating active when it shouldn't be


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The shield gating mechanic protects the user from taking damage for a set amount of time when their shield is broken, this invulnerability period's duration being dependent on whether or not your shields were full at the time. This mechanic is present to Warframes exclusively in all regular missions.
However, there is a particular case in which this mechanic is active when it shouldn't be, a case that happened not intentionally but due to oversight, this being obvious due to how poorly the mission mechanics interact with shield gating. These mission types are: annihilation, Team Annihilation and Capture the Cephalon. For these particular mission types, shield gating remains active when it shouldn't, breaking the balance of said missions and allowing for exploitation using mods reserved for these mission types (Allowing for multiple shield gates by using mods that allow the user to get -120% shield recharge delay, which completely breaks shield regen logic for some reason).
I am sending this bug report in hopes that you please fix this by removing the unintended shield gating in these missions.

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