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Reloading guns by using the interact button and Nightwave store and menu


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The reload function on guns of the interaction button Needs to be removed!

The guns already auto-reload upon empty magazine and we also have a dedicated reload button if we want to reload early. This reload function gets in the way of interacting with consoles, bugging out parazon kills of murmurs or any kind of interaction that we need to do in the game ( other than reloading ). How many times did it happened to you (everyone reading this) to just hit to get a mercy kill on a murmur, but instead you are reloading your gun or doing nothing, like no animation of whatsoever; then out of nowhere as you jump away, at one point you stop and do a minor parazon animation. Or trying to interact with consoles but instead you are reloading your gun.

Nightwave store:

We need the nightwave mission board grayed out and written over: Available again on "insert date". Doing so, give us, the players, the chance to spend out the remaining nightwave cash in the store. On the same time, make the store available until the next available major nightwave refresh of rewards. Since this is the only place we can get nitain extract.

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