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Afentis feels awful.


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I really wish I could refund this stupid thing.
First off the actual feel of the weapon is terrible. The recoil animation isn't changed with fire rate boosts, so with increased fire rate the projectile fires from above your camera position. And the recoil is unreasonably high to begin with.
For the performance of the weapon, I can't imagine trying to use it on anything above level 45.
Only 12 ammo max and low RoF, yet it doesn't do crap for damage. Lots of other weapons are more effective with only three mods installed.
And for the thrown effect, it is really not worth it. The fire rate boost feels like an additive 25ish% (basically a rank 1 gunslinger). The reload speed is decent at least. And I feel like the recoil reduction does nothing. On top of the buffs being weak, the AoE for buff application is small. And because it requires getting a kill inside the effect to extend it, it means you somehow need to convince teammates to stand still inside the bubble and get a kill to give them a meaningless buff.

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just got mine , it really does not feel good , i am not even talking about damage.

The recoil, fire rate , flight speed , embed delay - it all feels off just enough to feel bad.

And to add insult to injury it adds significant ragdoll to the enemies,

the throw is nothing to write home about either.


Overall disappointing , would recommend everyone to avoid as there are better weapons available to perform similar functions.

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I've used it, I really wanted to like it but damn it feels clunky with it's travel time and delay... Not sure how to feel about the alt fire? Could be nice if we could increase the radius somehow, otherwise it's niche unless you plug in a doorway and group them together with Larva or something. 

Shame cause I wanted to use it more! 

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