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The Chronicles of Hydroid Prime


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  • 3 months later...

"A long time ago, in the Solar System, a War raged, which was nicknamed the Old War.
Then, the great wars, which were called Warframes, were able to defeat the invading enemy - the Sentients, artificially created synthetics, whose goal was the complete assimilation of the Galaxy, in their own image.

Among the Warframes was Hydroid Prime, the same Hydroid who sacrificed himself at the very last moment and drove the Sentients back to his world and sealed the entrance to the Solar System.

After a while, Hydroid Prime returned home, although only a couple of hours had passed for him, several thousand years had passed for the Solar System.
The Orokin Empire fell, and new Empires, the Grineer and the Corps, reigned on its ruins. These two forces divided the Solar System in half, in internecine wars, in which ordinary people who did not join one of the parties suffered the most.
Warframes, on the other hand, fled in all directions: some settled in the backyards of the system at a large space station - the Dojo; others have disappeared into the dark corners of the planets, where no one looks; others joined a secret organization, a certain "Stalker", and someone began to live with infected monsters, on ancient Orokin flying ships.

For all the ebullient life in the Solar System, people, and even Warframes, did not notice the return of their old enemy and his new warriors - the Archons. The Sentients were able to create a twisted semblance of Warframes, and sent them out to find new passages into the Solar System in order to try to take it over again.

Now, Hydroid Prime is the only one who can thwart the Archons and the Sentients."


"On the planet Mars, Archon Amar was able to find a portal from the Tau Galaxy to the Solar System. The secret organization "Lotus" sent the coordinates to Hydroid Prime to stop Amar and prevent the Sentients from entering the Solar System again."



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"After Hydroid Prime defeated Amar, the Sentients sent another Archon - Nira. This snake-like allusion to Warframe was able to find a passage from the Tau Galaxy to the Solar System via the planet Jupiter. With the Corps soldiers subdued, she prepared to open a portal to her world and let in an armada of the Sentients ships. But... Hydroid Prime was already in a hurry to stop her..."



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  • 5 weeks later...

Amar and Nira are defeated... But the Sentients won't just give up. They still have a trick up their sleeve. While Hydroid Prime was fighting Nira, the third Archon - Boreal, has already captured the Earth and is looking for a way to open a passage for his masters. Hydroid Prime has a lot of work to do...



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