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(PSN) Inbox that gives Razorback Cipher blueprint is missing [Fixed]

Message added by [DE]Saske,


1 minute ago, [DE]Megan said:

This is now resolved on all console platforms - please relog to receive your Inbox.

Thank you to everyone who reported this issue, as we were able to diagnose a Cross Platform Play issue with how these global Inbox messages are sent. We have a fix in place for future global Inbox messages and will monitor them accordingly! 


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6 hours ago, Dreatrox said:

My friend is playing on PS4, and they have Razorback Armada active, and it says that the event lasts for 3 days for her but she didn't get the Razorback Cipher blueprint.

She checked inbox and there is nothing inside of it.


I am having the same problem, event active, no email with needed blueprint...


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