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The damage display for alternate melee attacks (charge, leap, spin, wall) now show the upgraded damage in the UI.

Cipher only requires one use now to solve entire puzzle.

Enabled Sentinel Weapons category in Codex.

Event Elevator is now faster! Corpus Engineers work quickly.

Removed Fin Sword from appearing in Codex, what is Fin Sword :O?

Scanning allies (like Corpus in event) is still allowed but does not get stealth bonus.


Weapon/Warframe Changes:

Many weapons received adjustments to compensate for Damage 2.0. Some have been readjusted for 11.0.1 including:

Acrid Pistol, damage increases.

Sobek Crit, unintended 50% rate.

Gorgon crit.




Fixed several issues with Social/Chat tabs:

Fixed chat not working in EU regions.

Fixed the social menu tabs not being selectable in game.

We now show the Clan Tab and clan IRC Chat channel in game.

Made the minimum width and height smaller for the social window.

Potential fixes for crashes on some machines.

Fixed Alliance chat not being viewable in-game.

Fixed dead enemies being scannable. Not quite fixed yet.

Fixed unresponsive "cancel game invite" 'X' button.

Fixed slowdown when trying to show a lot of mods on the screen at once.

Fixed Mastery Rank tests not attributing higher rank to player after successful test.

Fixed glow effects remaining on dead enemy.

Fixed crash when meleeing with gamepad.

Fixed chat window minimizing when failing to join sessions.

Fixed error that could potentially occur when rushing dojo Barracks.

Trinity's Link now prevents procs (though they may still occur on the Link target).

Fixed Gas, Viral, and Corrosive melee Visual Effects not disappearing.

Fixed Sargas Ruk’s pain barks to not happen 100% of the time, he isn’t a baby!

Fixed Valkyr BP image being Banshee.

Fixed Codex scans done by a host adding to clients totals.

Fixed invasion enemy levels being re-scaled whenever a player leaves/joins a mission in progress.

Fixed Alabaster skin applying to Excalibur. Not intended to be worn.

Fixed Ancient Retribution issue appearing in UI as mission reward.

Fixed Valkyr Cosmetic Restraints not being in Valkyr Bundle.

Fixed Terminals not being on  infested side of event transition level, trapping some players.

Fixed two typos:  - scared is now correctly scarred / in dept is now correctly in debt.

Fixed dying with scanner breaking your loadout when revived.

Fixed sniper/scanner scope offsets being wrong if HUD was < 720p on any axis* Potentially not fixed for some.

Fixed Kraken dealing 0 damage.

Status effects move to the ragdoll, where they remain until the ragdoll is destroyed

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