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The Perigale passive window needs to be more attainable


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Trying to get 4 headshots in 1 burst sounds okay on paper when you consider this is a mob shooter, but then you realize that you need enemies to:

  1. Be lined up single file
  2. Not have their heads blocked by any other part of their body
  3. Be the same unit so their heads are all at the same height
  4. Stand in that line long enough to get the headshot without wandering off
  5. Not get nuked by your allies before you pull the trigger


  1. Not die to 1 bullet so multishot and the rest of the burst will count towards the passive

Enemies do not do the full first set enough to use the passive in a normal mission, and the second one requires me to nerf my own damage, which is an incredibly stupid requirement just to use the gun. Perigale is incredibly strong in the Simulacrum, but outside of that and a few other very specific kinds of missions, the only thing it will do is run out of ammo multiple times before you can get the passive to trigger once.


My suggestion: Reduce the number of necessary headshots to 2, let punch-through land headshots even if the body is blocking the head, and double the buff duration.

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UPDATE: The Perigale is in a much better state now. With the ability to trigger Gale Force on a single headshot kill, it's effectively a burst-fire Knell with sniper combo mechanics. Only the first bullet of the magazine will be consumed if it headshot-kills an enemy on the first shot, and it can stay that way for a long while as long as the headshots keep coming in. Perigale Syndrome is still possible but now you have to be either very unlucky or just a very bad shot for it to happen often.

My only critiques now are that the burst fire mechanic can be a little downside in the form of reducing the combo. When killing a single target with the first shot and no one else behind, the extra shots reduce the combo counter since they're not hitting live targets. Also, I'd like if Gale Force could last a second longer.

Perigale is in a terrible state at the moment.

12/24 ammo sounds reasonable with the "bonus efficiency" proc added in, except for one clause: It's burst fire. 4 shots in one go. This effectively makes the weapon 3/12 shots; This tiny ammo pool combined with an ammo-chugging fire rate and a noticeably slow reload speed gives it this prominent "feature" where you really notice yourself reloading the gun more than you're firing it. In fact, I'm officially naming it "Perigale Syndrome" since it's the worst weapon so far to have this "spends more time reloading than being fired" anti-gimmick.

As highlighted by OP outside of the simulacrum, the overwhelming number of shots fail to trigger the ammo efficiency proc. This is one of those weapons where you have to awkwardly sweep it as fast as possible to hit adjacent enemies during a burst fire, but not too quickly or the shots miss anyway. Knell, one of the most well-known gimmick weapons, is far more lenient with its ammo efficiency special trick.

The only things it's got going for it is that it hits quite hard, has innate punchthrough and primary ammo drops plentifully enough that the tiny max ammo pool isn't an issue. Alas, it's still very much a "Sounds great... on paper" kind of weapon in the state it's in.

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