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Rubico Prime doesn't cause any damage


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29 minutes ago, BatVenomPL said:

Bosses with weakpoints are currently bugged, you have to use AOE on them instead of precision weapons

Didn't they change the weakpoints mechanics temporarily while waiting for a Mainline fix though? I was under the impression reading the Baruuk Prime hotfix notes they made it so you can hit anywhere temporarily.

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From Lua’s Prey: Hotfix 32.2.4:

On 2022-12-07 at 8:04 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Known Issue:

  • Bosses such as Sargas Ruk or Vay Hek do not take damage from single target weapons, only AOE weapons can damage the weak spots. We are looking for a workaround for this!

The aforementioned workaround as per Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix 32.2.5:

On 2022-12-14 at 8:00 PM, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixes towards Sargas Ruk, Lech Kril, Exploiter Orb, Lephantis, Vay Hek, and the Archwing Pursuit Ship not taking damage from single target weapons (only AOE weapons could damage the weak spots).

    • It is important to note that these are temporary fixes to prevent the complete inability to defeat these bosses due to the above issue. A code fix is required to address the issue which we are unable to release before the holiday break. So in the meantime, seeing as progstops are a top priority, we had to make some necessary tweaks to how these Bosses operate so that they could be defeated. These tweaks are temporary for the holiday break and will be reverted in a future update to bring these Bosses back to their original mechanics:

      • Vay Hek now takes damage everywhere and doesn’t rely on the weak point mechanic during his drone phase.

      • You can shoot any of the Exploiter Orb’s three vents, but still only deplete a maximum of one third of the Orb’s Health per phase. 

    • There are also some issues with this workaround that will be fixed with the future revert: 

      • Secondary mechanics that rely on hitting things are not always triggering.

      • Punch-through lets you hit weak points on the opposite side of a target.


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I'm honestly not sure if DE did anything with Sargas Ruk. He doesn't take damage from being shot everywhere, in fact his weak points are indeed still intact and still have to be shot. The only thing that isn't happening is his health bar isn't changing from grey to indicate they are open.

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I'm not sure but I think the hitboxes have floating point problems, this is an outdated graphics engine problem making the floating points not specify exact positions in virtual space, it's like a noise of data in space, basically the hitbox must be in somewhere near the enemy's head but not exactly at the indicated point.

This issue also affects the position of virtual objects, misplaced warframe armor, floating decorations, and maps with misplaced tilesets.

we can say that when there are many things occupying the same space, this data space loses precision and we have a floating point.


it is possible to see floating points in the graphic mesh, if you go to the Drydock and look at the ship's artillery you will see the objects distorted and shimmering.

I think that the hardware update for processors that DE has been publicizing can resolve this issue, as the instructions for these new processors are associated with geometric calculations that are totally feasible in the warframe virtual space.

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