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Larkspur Prime Changes to differentiate more from its base form


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Larkspur Prime arrived with rather minor stat bonuses that doesn't justify its Prime status. Taking a bit of the page of how DE reused the Archwing Corvas as the basis of the Corvas Prime, I propose a few changes to set the Larkspur Prime apart from its base form apart from stat differences:

  • Held (Chain Beam)

Inspired from the Ocucor and Galvarc (Railjack Ordiance), where the Larkspur Prime with fire up to three individual beams that target its own enemy. Each beam can target the same enemy if said enemy is the only one. It's arguable if the chain mechanic should be retained. Should it be retained, chaining is lowered to one additional target (six enemies in total getting damaged).

  • Charge

Remove punch through on the projectile. Grant a crit chance and damage bonus on direct hits with the charged shot.

Alternatively, keep the stats but add in a delay to the projectile exploding to accommodate for a tether function similar to the Penta's Tether Grenade Augment. Tethers and pulls up to 7 targets. Direct hits will increase the tether's range and amount of enemies tethered from 7 to 12.


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17 hours ago, Pakaku said:

I am definitely not in favour of losing punchthrough on the charged shot, though I do like the buff to precision shots idea.

Problem is that it applies to the (Kuva) Grattler as well. You will be dealing less damage overall if the enemy is getting damaged only by the projectile impact, not the explosion. This is again due to the punch through of the projectile. Furthermore, it leads to awkwardly firing at enemies from high diagonal angles if said enemies have no nearby walls to be shot at directly.

Indeed every new Primes don't need full new mechanics like the Pyrana Prime, as that would be fairly exhausting to both DE and player expectations. The changes here I'm suggesting is to make the Larkspur Prime more unique than just stat buffs, while making use of mechanics already employed in the game. These mechanics can be less known to the community such as the Ocucor and Galvarc. Most players don't realize that the Corvas Prime make use of the Corvas's projectile when used solely in Archwing since December 2019.

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