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TennoCon 2023 - Twitch Drops & Co-Streaming!


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I got the rifle but the warframe has not started and will not till 1 pm PDT and the con will be over before then so will watching a streamer that has drops on get it for me? I got Gara Prime at 2pm PDT so I am now happy :)


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10 minutes ago, CorvusTheHeretic said:

Can't claim the twitch drops, it shows me this error and nothing else happens. Same happened during the last twitch campaign. How do i fix this? The last unclaimed drop (Kuva Globule)  disappeared without a trace!


When did you try to claim it, since 4:30pm is the cut-off time?

The servers are flooded with connection errors, so that's also a possibility. 

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so is there a guide on how to fix the issue of not being able to claim your twitch reward if you have been watching for more than the needed time either the whole stream or just 30 min but not being able to claim the loot, im experiencing the same issue and have all things linked. and double checked that all things are linked. 


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Most likely it will take some a couple of hours after Tennocon ends for some of us to get the drops. Wouldn't be Tennocon if it wouldn't happen, same thing ahppened to me i think for the last 2-3 years. Been watching the stream since it started, claimed the reward on twitch and still haven't got it in game, still waiting for the Kyndryn Gunblade Skin too :) Have a great TennoCon everyone :)

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En 23/8/2023 a las 11:59, [DE]Taylor dijo:


August 26th is nearing which means that TennoCon 2023 is around the corner. If you are unable to join us in London, Ontario for the big day, we still have lots planned for those joining us virtually!

Twitch Drops:
Our TennoCon Twitch Drops are directory-wide -- watch any eligible stream in the Warframe directory to earn the following:

Gotva Prime - 12:30pm to 4:30pm ET
Watch any TennoCon stream for 30 minutes between 12:30 to 4:30pm ET to earn this new weapon!

Gara Prime - 4:30pm - 6pm ET
Watch any TennoCon stream for 30 minutes between 4:30 to 6pm ET to earn this Prime Warframe!

Note: TennoCon attendees will receive codes for these Twitch Drop items at the convention. 

As with previous years, co-streaming our TennoCon broadcast is completely welcomed by us! If you want to share the day with your community, please feel free to co-stream the official broadcast on your channel. 

For those looking to clip your reactions to our news and reveals, we recommend recording your stream locally as we cannot guarantee that your VOD won’t be muted. 

See you all on the 26th!


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solo dice inventario pero reclame no me a llegado nada a mi cuenta del juego
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On 2023-08-24 at 2:40 PM, __jag__ said:

Probably not. However, quoting from the TennoCon page: "The Gotva Prime Rifle will be exclusive for a limited time, but players who miss out on the Drop can earn it in-game at a later date."

It's watch 30 min in-between 12:30 and 4:30 you should be fine if you just leave the stream running.

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