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NSW Nora’s Mix Vol. 6: Hotfix #1


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  • Fixed the Mag Celestis Helmet and Baruuk Peacemaker Helmet missing their platform-specific lock state. 
    • As stated in the “TennoGen and Cross Platform Save” article, TennoGen purchased on PC can only be used on PC. TennoGen items purchased for Platinum can be accessed via Cross Platform Save on licensed platforms.
    • We will be running a script to set the intended lock states to purchases that were made between Update 35.6 and today’s Hotfix. Script has completed! 
  • Fixed the Javi’s Scrawling Stencil not appearing on the walls of your Personal Quarters.

For list of known issues for Dante Unbound that require future code changes and cannot be addressed in a Hotfix, visit our dedicated thread: 

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