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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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Luckily, I was only in Korea for two years, so the bikes are in full use back here in the States.


I do miss the food and fashions over there, though. I need to go back and pick up a few more suits. They were only like $100, fully tailored.

Two years in Korea are not enough but who can live without bikes for more?

Korean food is great indeed but fashion?

Western style suits are cheap and not bad especially in Busan but all the rest is worse than Banshee's or Nekros outfit lol


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And what faces are fake for example?

Really dude, go back to your boring life insted of wasting your time here.

Your not even posting a photo with yourself and you say that some faces are fake. We want to see your face not your back.

You can check all the pics and figure it out.

You're smart enough I think ;]

My life means nada without my Mag.

Me and muh Mag do miraculous records together in the world of warframe

You sure you want a pic of my face? (even though you can see some parts of my face in the pic)

Isn't my back enough?

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This is the one I tend to show people, even though it's a couple years old, it expresses my dumb-ness and sweaterswag. Might find a better one later but facebook keeps crashing so it's hard to dig through pictures I don't have on my hard drive...3GBLijX.jpg

Aww you are kinda cute, ye know?

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Awesome. I got a good chuckle out of this!

Glad you liked it!  It's been my wife's dream to take ridiculous holiday photos for awhile, so went in aiming at the most terrible over the top hilarity we could get.  I think we did pretty well!  

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