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Rhino: The Manframe.

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Face it peeps, Rhino is the manliest of the warframes.


His codpiece alone has taken more damage than another frame's entire body.


Rhino has a Primed Chamber, on his Ogris.


Rhino knocks down rollers.


When the laws of physics tried to stop rhino from stomping, he punched physics in the face so hard it broke damage 1.0 and DE had to create damage 2.0 to replace it.


Rhino stomps so hard it takes people time to realize they're dead.

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Chuck norris roundhouse kicked rhino

Chuck norris then exploded, creating the big bang.


Rhino always runs with 8 serration on his Boar Prime.


When rhino fires a shotgun at long range, it does more damage.


Rhino doesn't pull the trigger, he intimidates the bullets into running away from him.


Rhino's favorite melee is dual Stalkers.

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One day as rhino was waling his pet lephantis, a eviscerator shot him, after an hour of painful bleeding, the eviscerator died.


When the world was young, rhino broke off his horn and threw it into space, today this horn is known as the orokin tower.


Rhino isn't a prime because being a prime implies the orokin made you.


Rhino can stealth attack from the front.


Rhino isn't a space ninja, ninja is a non-space rhino.


Rhino can behead a roller with his Bo.


Rhino can eat a mega meat bowl.


If superman fought goku, rhino would win.


Rhino doesn't need to drink powerthirst to make 400 babies.

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Rhino can cleanse the infestation going on in Uranus in one stomp.

Contrary to Stalker's codex, it was only Rhino who killed the Orokin. He stomped, triggering Molecular Prime even before Nova had the chance to cast it.

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