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Isn't It Time To Raise The Mod Slot Amount On Frames And Weapons?


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"Limitations are a good thing and I see no reason for them to change as of yet."


In other words, you haven't read the OP. Or you're lying.



From what I can see you problem is with the meta of the game, the fact that there are good and best builds out there that everyone uses. But say that some new utility polarity's do get added the exact same "problem" will arise there will be a meta for those as well and thus a common build that will be used by the masses.


My problem is not with that, you want to oppose the meta by all means do but. No my problem is similar to your own, it is wit the forcing of these builds currently you do not have to equip any mods because of the restrictions (For example other than auras and stances there are no mod slots that are forcing you to use a certain type of mod) that is what I am against, forcing me to have to equip certain type of mods. I want full freedom with my mods.


P.S. I hope that makes sense it is 1 am here so if it does not that is the reason. 

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I pretty much thought this to myself today.

I was thinking on my Warframe.

"Wow, I really don't use these Anti-Toxin cards..."


I spend too much of my time placing in Damage and energy mods rather than anything else. Which sucks because I'd love to use them. Late game, they're just not useful when you have to make use of certain skills. Makes me sad ;(

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make the power slots their own separate thing, you could even remove the power requirement. then you got 4 slots and people won't disable powers because some of them suck.


this way everyone has all 4 of their powers and has them maxed out (this helps new players a lot as they don't get how to set up powers right and stuff nor can they put their good powers on right away)

With so many mods that already increase power, duration and range.

I don't see why not.

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I think its time to do it.So much mods will never be used because you always have to put important ones inside.So maybe add 2 more slots where you cant put the Strength,Duration,Range etc etc Mods inside.Only ability mods.

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I don't think they need to add more slots, however:


1) Abilities should be separated from other mods and become innate features, and the total mod spaces for warframes should be reduced to eight.

2) "Less useful" mods should be condensed; right now you have a lot of incredibly situational mods that are almost worthless on their own, but a lot of mods have the potential to be combined into mods with multiple attributes that can be worth taking (ie. Elemental Resistance + Armor mods).

3) Necessary features such as base damage, health, etc. should be separated from other mods, and reincorporated into some kind of progression system (not gonna get into specifics, but there have been plenty of good suggestions as to how this could be done).

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I agree so. So much.


Or like yous ay, Make another separate mod slots for all the dozens of useless/Underused mods that no one uses.


There are just too many essential mods atm. And when you've got those in, You don't have any more space for any of the other mods.

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Then tell me how many different builds there are that are considered viable for higher level missions.

2 at best for everthing.

How is that even a choice?

Everyone is literally the same.

I don't understand your logic. Expanding slots is only going to decrease that number to one.

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I don't think the problem is mod slot that we can use. The problem is the fact that there are no other defenses or setup that can compete with shield/energy setup.

One particular setup that breaks the norm is Valkyr Rage/Health+Armor/Life steal channeling build. You don't need energy and shield (but you need Streamline) in this build because taking damage to health means energy, energy is used to gain more health through channeling hit. It works wonderfully and allow different way to play the game. That's the point of build in ARPG - how you work with the limitation imposed upon you by game mechanic to achieve what you want to play using existing mechanics.

However, we have to examine the nuance underneath Valkyr 'Berzerker' build.

A. Frame that offers different base stat can create different build.

B. Synergy between said stat and energy (main currency for casting powers) through mods that allow player to 'trade' one stat for energy.

C. Weapon which bridge between said energy and stat. Imo, optional but real nice to have.

The way to create more viable build is through giving some frames non-standard stat, giving frames a way to regenerate energy without Siphon/Flow mods, and give it a way to use other defense apart from shield more effectively. Weapon can play a big part in this concept depends on mods that interact with frame's statistics.

Mod slot is just plainly not a part of the concept. If you really want to increase it then get rid of it entirely and use only mod point as limitation but doing so without creating said synergy will only result in less build.

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I agree, I find myself going for a full ability build and even then I can only use 1 ability because of mod slot limitations.

At the very least frames should have a total of 12 mod slots instead of 10...it just feels too constraining as of now.

I mean building Hydroid only for range,duration and efficiency already let's me use his 1 and 4 and that's all the mod slots gone, which makes me squishy, with only 150 energy, slow, no utility, and no damage (reduced by Overextended)...but I got a 1 that costs me 6 energy, and sprays a huge area for 13 seconds with massive CC...so I got that going for me, which is nice.

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I think its being stated that most people only use one or two specific builds, expanding slots would add more to that. I think lol

You misunderstand. There is only one "everything" build, which is exactly what expanding mod slots is going to accomplish. We won't get variety, we'll only get more stat-stacking than we already have.

The problem with nobody using mods like Maglev isn't that we don't have enough slots, it's that they're simply not worth using on any of the slots. The solution isn't to expand the number of slots, but to increase the viability of these specific mods. Combining some of them together (e.g. Quick Rest + Marathon, since nobody's gonna want to spend two precious mod slots on just stamina) is a good start.

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Here's a better idea , regarding essential mods.

Remove every flat stat changing mod like +health / shield / armor / damage (non elemental) / attack speed / stamina and just add all of those values to all the warframe / weapons base stats.


every one now has the perfect build.

start equipping mods that alter gameplay / mechanics .

having an elemental rainbow on weapons  isn't the best choice anymore so there's no issue with that.



counter act game difficulty by adding enemies that actually know how to fight , like those mini bosses or spectres instead of walking brain dead sponges.

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100% agree.

What I think is same with you.


Build? All damage mod with corrosive and done

or Flow, streamline, redirection and done


DE should notice that they keep adding different mods BUT NOT THE SLOTS, so what's that mean?

we have no choice right now, let say weapons, a rifle, soma. Damage, crit, AND YOU HAVE NO MORE SLOTS.

so how about "TRY" to use those mods that not directly affect the damage output?

The only result is FAIL. You can't really use this kind of build to fight.


SO, Not enough slots cause extreme low build flexibility.

An other example, lets say Twin vipers Wraith.

This weapon can build with Crit mods, and also magazine capacity.



I must say DE should raise slots, frames? 12 slots, weapons? 12, or maybe 10.

Maybe we have another kind of "Forma" for increasing slots numbers, and of cause there should be a upper limit.

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