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3 Suggestions, Fan Service!


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Fellow Tenno,


I've been playing since beta and I've come up with three solid suggestions for DE.

  • Add Spectator Mode so players can make more engaging fan videos.
  • Consider giving us integrated Twitch icon-twitch.png support.
  • And lastly, with the new Official Warframe Store could we get a Mod PLUSH Collectible!? Please?

    I would KILL for this in plush form.


I don't usually like to beg, but... well, I can't help it!  I love this company and this game! AAA




Thank you,


Kruzil (your future Volt Prime)

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This is only a hopeful thing, I wouldn't mind one inch if it never were to be added but I'd like a spectator mode, because streaming are a half of the time clunky. (and also recently I've become lazy and letting people that are thirsty for kill do their jobs)

During the U13 devstream when they showed the dojo one of the dev said that there could be some specific things added later for observatory but I didn't follow everything of what he said so perhaps a clan-only spectator with limited access for hosting/connectivity issues would be an idea or something.

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I support the OP for all of his points.






I, like others, was expecting a much, much more different type of fanservice.



Possibly involving Nyx, Ember and Nova. With alot of Mind Control. But I digress.



it exists, no mind control. It exists. Saryn and Valk too.


the stalker-pimp-slap guy created untold horrors of the warframe universe.

[size=2]Not really, but its totally NSWF and against EULA for me to post a link[/size]

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