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[Warframe] Chronos (Time-Frame) - Old Concept Translated


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This is my concept, which I posted in the german forums a while ago and didn't bother to translate yet.
I have seen multiple concepts like this here already, so I may a little late, but feel free to comment on it.

Chronos is a Warframe, which is capable of unleashing attacks based on time.
Time can be accelerated, put in reverse, slowed down or stopped for a short period of time.

Chronos is concepted for defensive and tactical maneuvers and has some sort of "Tank"-Status.


"It is unclear where this Warframe originated, but his advanced techniques indicates him being from a distant future."


Health: 100
Shield: 150
Armor: 150
Energy: 100
Speed: 0.8 (Chronos has enough Time to move xD )

Gender: Male (DE may switch it to Female, who knows :P )
Size: Comparable with Frost / Rhino
Appearance: Like Frost, with his long trenchcoat thingy, on a female, this would turn out in a long skirt.
Design: On his chest are - where the heart should be -  Gears, like in the inside of a clock.
On his wrists, he wears bracelets in shape of a Gear, on his head is a clock face with roman numbers - but without hands.

Default Colors: Black and Gold / Yellow


1. Rust / Corrode:

"Chronos accelerates the time around a person, which corrodes Shields and Armors."

Has an enemy a shield, it will be reduced to 0.
Armor-stats of armored enemies drop by 50%, weakening the enemy to damage.

(Insta-hit : Singletarget Corrosion-DMG)

2. Rejuvenate

"Chronos heals allies, by accelerating their natural healing processes."

Chronos heals Allies by some Health and Shield by Tick.

(Cell-Effect, Health/Shield-Regeneration per Tick, up to 5 Ticks)

Kann be improved with Intensify and other Mods, but no more then 50 HP and 80 Shield / Tick
(5 * 50 HP = 250 HP , 5 * 80 = 400 Shield)


Note: Can be changed to heal a small amount of HP and increase Shield-Recoveryrate.

3. Slow Motion

"Chronos creates a field, where time is slowed down."

The more an enemy is within that field, the slower it moves - until it comes to a complete halt near the center.
Chronos himself and Allies move in normal time.
Shield-Regeneration within the field is reduced.

(Static AoE-Field with Slowdown-Effect, Reduced Shield Regeneration within the field)

Intensify and Continuity improve the effect.
Stretch increases the range of the field.
Mod for Shield-recovery can cancel the negativ effect of reduced Shield-Regen.

4. Paradox

"Chronos fills a room with a Time-Paradox, wherein Life or Death makes no difference"

Enemies and Allies, whos Health dropped to 0, will still be able to live and move until "Paradox" expires.
When "Paradox" expires, every Enemy (which Health is at 0) will explode in a small AoE.

Enemies, while trapped in Paradox with 0 HP will be shooting at their own kinds (even if they have 0 HP, too ).
Tenno with 0 HP will drop to the floor bleeding, unless they get healed before Paradox expires.
Shields recover within Paradox normally - regardless of Friend or Foe.

Since Paradox is a roombased ability, it is possible to leave the effects.
But someone should be careful enough to have his Health over 0, otherwise he's bleeding out.
Is Paradox being used in an area without rooms, Paradox is valid for the whole map - until it is tweaked.
A Tenno should run back to his team, before he bleeds out on expire or heal himself mit Medi-kits instead.

(Room-based Effect without DMG, temporal immortality for Players and Enemies with Chaos-Effect on them.
When the ability expires - AoE-Effect with DMG.
While Paradox is active, every Tenno within has his Screen slightly tinted in the Caster's Warframe energy color.
When Paradox expires, the normal screen color is restored. )

Continuity + Corrupted Mods can extend the duration of the effect, but no more then 40 seconds.
Stretch can increase the explosions of each 0 HP Enemy when Paradox expires.
Power Mods can increase the damage of each Explosion, but no more then 1,5k DMG per Enemy.

Hidden Effect: "Black Hole" / "Room-Time-Diffusion" / "Distortion"

"Slow Motion" and "Paradox" can't co-exist in the same room.
One Chronos alone can't cast both abilities.
If one Ability is used, the other one gets locked for safety.

This effect can only be used, when 2 Chronos are in the same team.

Is "Slow Motion" used within the same room as Paradox or Paradox within range of "Slow Motion",
it will create an effect almost similar like Vauban's Vortex:
The whole room implodes and tries to swallow everything.

Enemies and Items within Range of "Slow Motion" will be pulled to the center,
in fact to the location, where "Slow Motion" was cast.
This way, a Chronos could pull enemies toward himself to Melee-Distance,
if he's using "Slow Motion" after another Chronos used "Paradox".

The Expire-Effects of Paradox will be released as soon as "Black Hole" is triggered.
Is a Tenno with 0 HP within that field and another Chronos activates "Slow Motion",
that Teeno will be bleeding on the floor.
All Enemies with 0 HP will be pulled to its center and explode.

Enemies with full health will be pulled towards the center aswell.
Are there enemies with 0 HP, the explosion may kill them, too.

As soon as "Black Hole" is active, the Volume setting for BGM will be 0% and the only thing that can be heard is an alarm.
Almost similar as a broken window in Corpus Ships.

Probably, the screen could be colored as long "Black Hole" is active:

For example:

(Oh god, my english is awful)


edit: Fixed Cronos to Chronos to avoid confusion with the melee weapon.

Edited by Sypheal
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I tried to have him both useful and balanced - well sorta.


I guess this concept was posted too often, so DE will see it like "OMG, ANOTHER ONE"

Well at least I tried to be creative for something new :P



Before anything else, keep in mind that in English, Cronos is the name of the longsword weapon.


So it will be CHronos then or something completely different. I know.

Edited by Sypheal
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