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Sword+Shield Stance Request. Alt Skin.?


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More shield bashing less shield throwing one?


I loved playing skyrim and just shield bashing everything instead of normal melee attacks.


I get the love of throwing your shield but i like to be a standing fortress of steel and smash anything that gets to close.


And the second part of this double thread.


How about a skin that changes the model to be a mace and shield instead of sword and shield so i can feel that bludgeoning of the enemy over cutting.


A good cracking of the skull! That will show them whats what!


I know its a longshot on request and i dunno if anyone will see this as it might get buried but i adore shield bashed combat with backup hammer. My weapon is my shield my defense is my hammer.

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I feel like the emphasis on throwing the shield was to make the style seem slightly more "ninja". One of the reservations against sword-and-board since the beginning is that it is classically associated with knights, skyrim, etc, and doesn't fit the flavour of Warframe.


Additionally, they've put a lot of work into this stance, so I'm sure there will be more shield weapons, so a mace and shield could be an entirely new weapon that uses the same stance!

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it needs to be just like this




while holding block and sprinting, any enemy thats rushed it will get a 100% blast proc that knocks them down to their feet or if we take the easy way out, just ragdoll any enemy you rush into with your shield

Yes.... where i hold block and sprint and i can knock people out of the way. This is how i took tougher people down in skyrim.

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