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Silva And Aegis Trailer


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So what do you guys think? Personally, I'm quite happy with them, they have a nice look, and that shield expansion was awesome. Looking forward to them

(Also, guessing this means U14 this week, would be highly surprised if it wasn't since they are posting this now) Edited by SilverBones
Embedded video link. YOU'RE WELCOME.
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i really like elemental weapons, i mean the aesthetic not really the damage type, so im probably gonna go for this, though now that we know this is possible a flaming bastard sword is something i want more than anything

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Melee attackers get set on fire \o/, but this will probably need a new stance....a new rare stance. Also have a feeling it'll have a knock down somewhere in its combo, dat shield bash ;p

Livestream confirmed that it has a brand new stance (and Prime Time leaked that combo names are derived from metal or rock songs)

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Is it just me or does the sword part seem really short?

Yea. The physical body is as small as a dagger which emit fire that longer than its body..so weird. Either go with full aura or longer blade.


PS: If DE can make the sword function like Zero light saber in Megaman X  that'd be awesome :D

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She melts on fire hazards as easily as anyone, though.

True. I'm also wondering why... :/


The sauce (thank you very much Silverbones) :



What it'll possibly look like :




One of the combo :




Front view :




Back view :



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