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Regional Chat Has Gone Neurotic


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Try ps4 chat... Many have lost their life and/or their sanity in that terrible place

^^Agreed. Forget asking questions concerning gameplay, price checks, or anything "vanilla".

However if you want to get the latest on who is raping who, racial preferences, or just good OL' down home trash visit the region tab.

Just make sure your literate children aren't around.

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 i never linger in zone chat. Ever.

I am so tired from staring at the computer and hitting refresh over, and over waiting for U14 update with the added bonus I think vision is getting lazy and blurry. That I read this wrong...


On another note General chat was normal? I don't remember at any point in time walking in, and it look something like this...


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Region working as intended.


This is the cycle of region conversations.


Nonsense -> Summoning Kickbot -> Shipping -> Ignoring Questions -> Furry Shenanigans (idk how but it always comes up) - > Nonsense

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