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Best Pistol?


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While there are other good choices, the best ones are Brakk (short range), Marelok (any range) and the three aoe weapons Castanas, Stug and Angstrum (depending which you like the most).

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what about the Vasto? is it still a decent sidearm

It's decent, especially akvasto. The best dual secondary would be Akbolto though, which actually can deal competitive dps compared to the most popular "best" ones like marelok and brakk.

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Brakk for Short-to-Melee Range, Anything at more than 6m distance can be easily dispatched using the Angstrum (that is, without having to fear of blowing yourself up with the resulting carpet bombing)

I do not use secondaries for long-range encounters (25m+), so I cannot recommend anything.

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