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Level-Load Love


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Like taiiat said,


Nvidia GeForce Experience only changes the settings from the game.



I didn't read everything, but if you seek to have more fps aswell for more stable fps.

you can use the NVidia control panel and manage the 3D settings from there.


NVidia Control Panel simply overrides the most settings if you manage the 3D by your own.


From the NVidia control panel, you can do the following things:


-Override Anisotropic filtering

-Enchance Antialiasing from the application itself

-Override Antialiasing transparency

-Select the GPUs to use

-Edit maximum pre-rendered frames ( the lower value in this setting is smoother gameplay at low fps )

-Edit power management mode

-Edit Texture filtering

-Edit Threaded optimization ( Same as Multi-threaded rendering )

-Enable or disable triple buffering ( No idea how to explain this one, but it only works with VSync )

-Override VSync


Note:   I skipped the setting " Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration " because this one mostly affects OpenGL only and Warframe don't use OpenGL


Editting this settings won't give you a ban I think, since there isn't a valid reason for a ban.

It might only give a more stable fps or more fps.


oh, i dont wanna create a irritation, i know the main things to handle my computer, thank you, guys :-)


my laptop ist strong enough to handle as for example cod ghosts and rivals on high settings


my problem is, that i can play warframe with a upper middleclass laptop and a 50/5 mbit glassfibre-cable-network only on lowest grafic-setting for not risking game crash after game crash, as said allready to glen in a pm, support isnt able to help me since a too long time now, i found this thread here and now im pleased for your help, glen


im really pleased for professional support from you, im shure we are fast through "my monthlong" problem, i also sended a pm to you (glen)


lets see when you will answer or support a problem which i wanna say, its not on my computer, its on the network of DE or whatever more

but to get clear im pleased and need real technical understanding from DE-side

glen, are you willing to help out ? then i post my specs, tell you about my troubles and you can comment it

thank you


ps: i really dont know to whom i should go then to this place and glen

so, guys, no need to answer (or give me technical "guesses") from you because im sharing my issue now straight with the thread-openener, thx for understanding :-)

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unprofessional? it's completely correct. Ge-Force Experience only sets your game settings for you, it does nothing else.


oh, im sorry if i was not clear enough, im pleased for support by some specialist at DE, mostly from glen because as i understand he offer help in this thread :-)

thank you, i appreciate your ideas as well as you can not help me, thank you for your answers, i will take it as friendly try from your side, really, thank you :-)

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Something might worth mention as i'm curious, i've been watching how the defrag option shrink the game files but most times it leaves stuffs that is not cleaned off. I'm not sure if the defrag run off base on a seperate manifest list and the list is not updated or something.


In 14.5 update patch defrag was able to clean off the cache down 0% waste, but after several hotfixes the waste builds up and not entirely clean off unless a fresh new data cache is being redownloaded and defragged.


Even is minor but defrag doesn't get rid of those waste in my current game. Why is that?


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hm, say, Glen, ever since a little bit after U14, and still currently, once my <1second load screen has finished, there seems to always be a one to two second freeze. game is fine from then on for the rest of the Mission.

it isn't the end of the world, but obviously shouldn't be happening.


I am pretty sure I know what this is and it's on my list to improve.

just curious, has something been pushed to Live concerning that? if it has, this minor issue still seems to be happening for me. if not, i'll keep waiting patiently.

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ah, now that it has been pushed Live - i think i've further deduced what's happening with my inconsistencies.

there seems to be no hitch when starting a match from a Lobby of players. but if you matchmake into an already existing match, there does seem usually be a hitch.


that's what i've been experiencing, atleast. a couple of my matches matchmaking haven't had hitches, but most of them have. and then starting from lobbies working just fine.



i'll add more findings if i have any.




oh, still happening in Lobbies as well. bah, i just don't know anymore.

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