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Spoilers Buttons Dont Work.


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... So you people have an icon to insert spoiler tags?

Because I only see four icons: fat, italic, underlined, stricken through.


Tested on IE11 and Firefox 31.


The BBCode tags work however and the buttons generated work as well.

Do they not?

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Inside these spoilers are test messages with no impact on your problem. That you truly cannot open them is a problem between you and the forum software. I too have problems (though different ones) with it.


... What do you expect?

I cannot paste into posts with IE, but [DE]Drew can. I see the language selection and can open spoiler tags both in IE and Firefox, but you cannot.

You did not even tell what browser and version you use!


Your best bet is probably to contact the maintainer of the forum software. It seems to be an Invisionpower board but check that back with an administrator before you go bother them.


Before you do that, try out another browser or two. No need to wait for help when you can help yourself. Not a solution I like myself, but what can we do!


And here are the contents of these spoilers in order:

  • Testing.
  • Liar.
  • They do
  • Do they not?

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People posted test messages to see for themselves whether they could see them or not (to locally reproduce your problem).

Evidently, every one of them was able to see what everyone else wrote into their spoiler. This was their purpose and that they fulfilled.


Now five people in this thread cannot reproduce the problem described and one can. Unfortunately, the other four did not post their test browsers (and versions) either, so not much can be gained from that. - But yes, it looks like a problem on your end. Which is good, because that means that you can fix it; but it is also bad, as no one can help you with that (until someone else is found who had and successfully resolved the same issue before).


... Is the sense now apparent?


If you are on a Windows machine, there is literally no (hackish) way not to have Internet Explorer installed. It should be very cheap to try that out.

See whether you can open the spoilers in this thread if using IE instead of Opera. - This is not a solution, but if it works at least a band-aid.


I do not think there is a good chance for someone with a real solution to stumble in. Mayhap ask an administrator, if there had been an update of the forum software at around the time you first noticed the issue. Also investigate whether Opera had an update within the same timeframe.

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thatdamnlobster , Kylecrafts reported .

Why are you reporting people? They have done nothing wrong.



Try installing a new/different browser as it is probably what is causing your problem, if you do not want to do that than the only other thing would be to clear you browsers Cache. (I don't know what browser you are using so just search online for how to clear your particulars browser cache if you do not know how to do it)



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on a Browser built on Chromium v34.x - Spoilers work just fine.


it would be advisable to express your exact Browser version (you only mentioned Opera).

make sure Opera is up to date, backversion to see if it's a problem with Opera, test with other Browsers in up to date and backversions, Et Cetera.


thatdamnlobster , Kylecrafts reported .

you should be ashamed of yourself.


i no longer have any desire to assist you.

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