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A Stalker Prime Please


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He doesn't seem to scale.  I can drop him almost instantly with a few of my weapons.


Maybe the problem is not Stalker's "difficulty" but the way damage scales overall for you and enemies. Our weapons are simply too strong, but he can also drop you instantly with a single Dread shot 3/4 of the time after all.

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How about a stalker that requires 3 or 4 12+ players and each with 4+ forma weapons to drop?  The current stalker is too easy with a decent weapon.


Just a stalker that actually puts fear into players again.


1) a stalker tt nids 3 to 4 MR 12+ players with 4+ forma weapons to drop....? what? Stalker prime BP?

2) yea, current stalker is only OP to those players whom use weapon without potato/forma and guns against it.


to Bold, i prefer fighting stalker in the darkness... cant see surroundings but only stalker's Hate' energy light.

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How about a stalker that requires 3 or 4 12+ players and each with 4+ forma weapons to drop?

They tried that; then they remembered that the same Stalker that requires that kind of fire power was still attacking people with 0rank gear, so they scaled him to the level the player was in so that it would always be "fair."

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What about the less experienced players?

Also, the Stalker can 1-shot you too. Remember that.


They would be slaughtered.  Just like they are with the current stalker.


So to recap, currently low level players are slaughtered by stalker but high level players slaughter the stalker.  With a stalker prime, for lack of a better term, low level and high level players would be slaughtered.

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Unless he appeared in a different way he would still not be that hard to beat. A 3 Forma'd AkBronco Prime can throw down ~88K-110K burst DPS (with Toxin/Radiation anti-Stalker build), if the prime does not have about a 10x buff from current then he would still die before he finishes standing up.


I have been hunting him for a while and he rarely makes it to standing with a not even max build. If he would just give me Despair I would stop hunting him.


Link for Build: http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons/Builder/Akbronco_prime/t_30_22000000_193-0-5-195-4-5-200-3-5-202-5-5-204-1-10-206-2-5-207-7-10-209-6-5_193-6-204-7-206-11-200-9-195-11-202-11-209-11-207-14/en/3-0-42/0/f


Edit: Fixed build link

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