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  1. So drop a spectre and a few ammo pizzas.
  2. You can count the vitus you've spent and what you have left to find out your wave count.
  3. I can tell you one even better. I didn't get the brakk for like 2 years. I received every part except for one for two years. Then I got something like five of that part in a row. Then I went on a Trade mission for adaptation. 100% drop chance.
  4. I don't rush through missions. I'm the guy that will run but I don't constantly parkour to race to the end and I easily got the reward. 150 bullet jumps isn't much in a day. If you think it was, then go a a mission and do your jumps in a single mission.
  5. Dude, I've done 109 waves in arbitration and have gotten 8 mods. None of which was Adaptation. Get used to random.
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