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  1. There is a ton of equipment in WF. Having the "owned" filter is nice, but could BPs for crafted equipment count as "owned?"
  2. That way when someone walks up to a trophy they can see the name of the event, the level of trophy, and the date.
  3. I understand your point, but next time if you want to show something on the nec, you may want to make the video on earth or venus outside in the daylight.
  4. You can always buy forma. Or always keep one cooking. You'll drive yourself crazy building for a single "optimal build" because one a new mod or a player creates a new build around some quirk, you have to re-polarize slots. This suggestion pops up at least once a week. DE makes their money from people paying for convenience. DE changed the forma from 24 hours to 23 so people wouldn't miss a personal building window. Things used to be a lot easier when players didn't have to pick up 10 reactant. But, players couldn't choose the reward then. Easier to always keep one cooking.
  5. If anyone ever needs a perfect example of someone not reading the topic and replying to what they want to reply to instead, this is it.
  6. People were actually doing PS missions for that piece of junk? After playing with it for 3 minutes, everyone knew it was a piece of junk. So no, this isn't about selling overpriced saw parts. That's what this thread is about.
  7. I'm more annoyed than upset. And not really really annoyed. I just wanted to make a comment so someone at DE may see it. People can agree with me or not. Doesn't matter. I'm not annoyed if someone agrees with me or not. I am annoyed when.... (we'll get to this below) It's not a veiled swipe. I've been here quite a while and 99% of the time if someone criticizes DE about anything, the replies are "You're just salty," "You're entitled," You're acting elitist." That's the list. And then people start reply about those replies. Then people start replying about those replies. Then the thread is lost. I stated in the beginning that I was stating a complaint. Just like filling out a small piece of paper and dropping it in the box.
  8. Doesn't sound like anything. No need to guess about some wild fantasy. I'm surprised it was out in a month. See? No guessing needed. As for extremely difficult, I do admit I was expecting something other than dojo plans consisting of very common items.
  9. I wasn't the only one. Everyone who grinded for the ghoulsaw was treated the same way. I even put "everyone who grinded" in the title, but that didn't stop people from ignoring it. They would rather reply with the "elitism" and entitlement" as usual.
  10. No. I'll make it simple by removing the specifics. DE has an event. DE has a new weapon that requires lots of grind. A month after the event, DE makes the weapon available for nothing. If you don't see anything wrong with that, well, go with God.
  11. How? How is anyone entitled? Again, just like the other guy, please don't reply with what you wanted me to have typed, but what I typed. You know what? I'll play. How am I acting entitled? "slapping everyone" is inflammatory? Really? It's a metaphor dude. Being a metaphor means it's not literal. And where did I insinuate a sense of personal entitlement/elitism? I can save you some trouble. I'm not acting entitled because I grinded for the weapon. We went over the metaphor. There was no entitlement and I'm not acting elite. The entitlement and elitism saws, ironically, on this forum are legendary.
  12. Dude, what are you talking about? I'm not surprised. I mentioned that in the second sentence. I have no idea what you are even talking about. Here is what I wrote. I knew DE would release it eventually. But did they have to release it right after the event and for next to nothing? That's what I wrote and I stand by that. How you get elitism, no one forced you, be happy you grinded, and so forth. You're responding to what you want to respond to rather than what I typed. BTW, the weapon is useless anyway. It's MR fodder. No one cares about the stance.
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