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  1. Well, I don't think my suggestion is heavy-handed. I mean, If I wanted the initial and extract runs dropped to 100m, I'd think that would be heavy handed. But I think 500m, maybe a max of 600m, is perfectly reasonable. I almost consider it trolling. Players who do that want to level up their stuff as fast as possible, as we all do, but they do it by not equipping redirection or vitality, and they are a purposeful burden on their teammates because they know they expect the rest of the team to continually revive them. I have nothing against reviving. I have almost 11,500 revives. But it irks me when a player purposefully keep their survivability as low as possible. WF used to have alerts like that. They had a rating system that was a total warframe "Strength rating" system that, if I remember correctly, included mods and weapons. A player would have to be under certain strength rating to enter the alert. I kept a buildout of under 700 and 500. Still have them for some reason.
  2. You're welcome. You stated you understood my point, understood how others could misinterpret it, then repeatedly claim I wanted to zerg through missions as fast as possible and wanted shorter missions even though I'm always consistent about reducing the monotonous long runs before and after objective. Not sure how 5 quotes is spam. Yeah, the quotes were completely out of context. (BTW, that was sarcasm) Anyhoo, take care. You keep claiming that I want something I don't want because I play in a style that I don't. And I continually denigrate that style of play as well. I'm sure no one else likes reading the quoted messages so I'm stopping replying to you. Feel free to get in the last word.
  3. You were saying? What's interesting is your earlier replies. Your earlier replies were just you an I talking. About halfway through, you started projecting and arguing completely different points. No one cares. Reducing the monotonous running would make the game more boring. No one agrees with you. You're zerging. You're rushing through everything. You want a short game. And so on. Everyone else here is having a good conversation. Even the people who disagree with me. You're welcome to join in that with us. I'm not sure you understand what whittle means.
  4. Same here, but sometimes I just want the riven. Dude, you should have played back in the day when Ember still had "World on Fire" and those stupid riven stars didn't exist. You can still do that with Hildryn now. If a player wanted to, you could burn though keys incredibly fast. Just run through the mission. Again, that's earth and such. When doing missions on Void, pluto, and other higher planets, that approach doesn't work. Usually I'll kill just a few because the players parkouring the level are killing 90% of the mobs. That's why I like survival missions so well. Everyone gets a chance to play their warframes. I know. Someone is going to say "Look at you running through a mission for just the reward! Hypocrite!" I know. Time and place. There's nothing to really harvest on the lowest planets and there's no reason to spend 8 minutes on an earth riven mission. I've done that. I've done that during a panel hacking!. Right there with you. I hated when DE removed the windows from missions because now people just shoot all the time. Yeah, I do to, but I paid attention when I was running to a window. I hate that DE changed the 4 deaths a day to now 6 deaths a mission. That's what gave us the 300 health/shield players. They don't care if they die all the time. No one waits for a res anymore. Why would they? There are no dangerous spawns. Stalker? Nope. Shadow stalker? Nope. G3? Nope. Syndicates? Nope. I've been in games where players actually quit of the lights started flashing. Now? If the lights flash, no one says anything because just about anyone can kill any of them. And again. Remember how I said you willfully misinterpreting my points would be mentioned? Here's another. I know. Shocking. Reducing the monotonous 1k+ run to the objective to 500m max and reducing the monotonous 1k+ run to extract to 500m is hardly "whittling the game down until it's unrecognizable." Yeah, spending over three minutes a mission doing nothing but running is "just fine." BTW, you'd have thought by now that if "I'm running 3 minutes permission" then I'm obviously not parkouring or using abilities to traverse that distance. Because if I were, that distance would be 4k to objective and 4k to extract. But hey, no reason to let logic get in the way of assigning a play style to a player and then criticize him for it. You can always equip what you want. I love switching between melee weapons even though they aren't the "best." Play the way you want. If you think using a less powerful weapon or not equipping the better mod, then do that.
  5. Depends. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time and I want to do a few riven runs so I'll load up the Hildryn with the death bubble. Most of the time I'll switch between different warframes like banshee or zephyr to keep the game interesting. As for powerful, ehh, not really. I like to switch to unused warframes and weapons and level them up. I also load up on redirection, vitality, and other survival mods. I'm not one of the guys you see running around with 400 heath and shields. I like to switch around the weapons as well. I was using the tenora prime, but I've switched to the ignis because of the new galvanized mods. I rediscovered the akarius and let me tell you, those are a blast. But honestly, I'm far from a great player. Seriously. I don't do the "one loadout for corpus, one for grineer, and one for invested." I put corrosive on everything. Sometimes heat if it'll fit. I don't do railjack. I don't use the practice level to tweak weapons. I'm a mr30 who started a year in and I've maxed my dojo, but there are no tricks I have. I hate kuva farming and I rarely roll rivens. I prefer the fast firing, low damage, high capacity weapons. They are just more fun for me. I build my frames for survival. I hate players that go into missions to level their warframes without redirection and vitality equipped. Seriously. I have no idea why someone would try to level a warframe with 300 health and shields, sometimes less, and expect other players to revive them three times a wave. I just don't get it. It really depends on the location. If I'm on earth or mars or somewhere like that, there's usually nothing that will kill me. If I'm on Pluto or void, I have to pay attention. I keep 2000+ of all pizzas and I have them hotkeyed so I'll drop one quick if there's a problem. I hate the Kuva planet as well. I'm really not some special warframe player. I'm 70k away from 31 and other than the intrinsic on railjack, finishing steel path, the new mechanical dogs, and the two new warframes I haven't gotten, I have no idea how to get the mastery points. When I say that I run through a mission, I'm not running 100% of the time. Yeah, it tough to argue with someone who says 1) I understand the point your making 2) Other people could misinterpret what your saying (even though I'm being 100% consistent) 3) So I'm still going to misinterpret what you're saying and reply to that.
  6. Yes, there has to be spacing. Some of them don't have a specific "excessive run to objective and then excessive run to objective." However, all of them are set up with the excessive runs to objective that players parkour and ability to the objective and then parkour and ability to extract. Right. I'm going to say "sarcasm" because you didn't pick up on it. Building map without the excessive distances to objective and to extract would be easier, cheaper, and would use less resources of all kinds. You realize these maps are built dynamically by adding rooms, yes? I'm going to mention this quickly right now. It'll show up later. Ehh, not really. It's not that I don't like it, it's that it's unnecessary and a waste of time for no good reason. I don't like Excalibur's exhaulted blade. People spam the hell out of it and play the entire mission doing nothing but pounding that ability. Running for 3 minutes a mission is unnecessary, a waste of time, and serves no purpose. Sure. That's exactly what I'm asking for. As a matter of fact, that's the title of the post. See? Wait. I'm stating that I understand the maps can't be too short. And I suggested a 500m max run each way. That's a far cry from spawning the capture target in front of the player on the orbiter. Will those distances make the mission feel fullerer, fullererer, or fullerererer? {Rather than post a dozen quotes of how I explicitly stated I don't parkour throughout the mission, I'll just type this here.} I told you it would show up later. Nope. You don't have to agree with me. It's ok. I don't feel a need to convince you. That being said, if someone replies by stating what they want to disagree with, I'll reply. If someone says "I think the missions are fine the way they are," coollio. If they reply with "You just want the mission over in 30 seconds, not so coollio. Motivations? My motivations are to end the stupid 3 minute plus runs per mission. Look a little above to see my issues with criticism. It may sound like I want shorter mission times if someone doesn't actually read my posts and simply latches on to that because it's easier to argue against. If you know that's not what I mean or want, why do you keep arguing that way? What if there was a minute of uninterruptible cutscenes before the players landed and another minute of cutscenes after extract. What if there was a detailed 20 second cutscene when a player killed some mob and the players routinely killed eight a game? If someone argued that such cutscenes were stupid, wasteful, and broke the flow of the game, would you reply "You just want a shorter game." I'm guessing you probably would. I have been very clear about wanting to eliminate two minutes of nothing but running. I have been very clear I am one of the very few people who actually check room and open crates. I have been very clear that I don't parkour. I have been very clear that I often don't make it to extract before the timer end. (Yeah, I know repeating those words sounds like I'm angry. I'm not. I was just turning a phrase.) Why don't you read my replies to you and then read your replies to me. Then let me know, honestly, who is actually reading what the other is saying. Depends on the missions. If I'm doing a relic capture mission on Earth, I'll just sprint through the map. There's not a lot of resources there that I don't have millions of already. Void or the other higher level planets, I'll shoot everything I see and open every crate. As I mentioned before, I have over 2.1 endo in sculptures. You don't find that many sculptures by hauling ass through a map. But I'm always shooting and letting vacuum pick up stuff. I never parkour past every enemy, complete the objective, and then parkour to extract.
  7. Yeah, capture and rescue. And exterminate. And assassination. And sabotage. And spy. And assault. Every other mission type has actual physical stops. Yeah, it would close to impossible to not build the larger maps. How could DE not pad the initial and extraction runs? If someone glanced over your replies to me, they may think you're not actually reading what I've typed. On second though, if they read your replies, they'd think that as well. So would I.
  8. I don't that that's quite right. I think that's simply the easiest argument to get a handle just to be contrary. Think of it this way. Who would argue against shorter missions? Let's say I wanted to reduce all missions, by any means, by ten seconds? Who would argue against that? Just like if I was arguing that the mission should provide more credits and I suggested .5%. Someone could argue the missions seem about the right length or gave an appropriate amount of credits. The only way to really argue against shortening the time in a mission or more credits is if someone was arguing something unreasonable. "I want the missions to be 60 seconds max or provide at least 800k credits." That would be an easy argument to make. But I'm not arguing something drastic or unreasonable. I'm not even arguing to shorten the mission times. I'm arguing to shorten the distances from start to objective and from objective to extract. Shortening the mission time is a benefit, but it's not the reason. Imagine at the start of a mission every player had to cycle through their weapon, load everything, check their weapons, sentinels, pets, and load up on health and energy. Arguing to eliminate the monotony of having to do that would also shorten mission times, but that's not the reason why to argue against that silliness. Compensating for what? Eliminating 90 seconds of nothing but running? That's like someone saying they want to be compensated for removing the pebble in their shoe. And? Yeah, it's a benefit. Modding up a weapon shortens mission times. But is that why players mod weapons? Or why they want more powerful weapons? Know my point earlier about players latching on "shorter mission times" because it's easy? Your argument, or the one you're saying others are making is "Shortening the extremely long beginning and ending long runs will shorten mission times and we don't want that." Does that make any sense to you? I thought you were commenting on smaller maps, not making maps smaller. My misunderstanding. BTW, I don't want to make the meat of maps smaller. Yes, eliminating 800m+ of just running before and after the objective will remove some rooms. Let's say a player starts the mission and runs for 40 seconds. Then three players join and they all run for another 40 seconds. Why not just start the mission where the three players joined so everyone is running for 40 seconds? Ot course that doesn't shorten the run to extract. I still can't fathom how people are arguing that running for over 3 minutes per mission is just fine. Actually, I know why. Players don't run it. 98% of all players parkour the distances. That's an idea, but I'm not sure that will work. Right now there is a balance between individual warframe speed, mods, abilities, map corridor widths, and environmental conditions. There's a lot to balance and changing the base speed would probably require a rebalance of everything. If all of the maps were open or really wide the new Venus maps, then raising the base speed could be a solution. But there are still a ton of maps with small and narrow corridors. I really don't understand that way of thinking. I don't see what someone needs to be compensated for by eliminating over 2k of just running. I know people are replying that they open lockers, kill enemies, break open containers and such, but I don't see those players in the game. I know I don't see everything in the game, and I'm not saying that I do, but in my experience, the vast vast vast majority of players over MR6 parkour and use abilities all the way to the objective and then parkour and use abilities all the way to extract. That's fine. Again, I'm not trying to reduce mission times. I want to runs to objective and to extract shortened because they are boring and pointless. If DE makes those long runs interesting and worth while, sure, keep them in there. Hell, make them longer if there is a reason to have them. But right now, there are no negatives to shortening the boring long runs. I do what I can. I try to fit every speed mod I can without reducing performance. Sometimes that's one mod, sometimes two, sometimes three. I'll throw the speed aura on there if I can. Trust me, I'm not running with a slow warframe if I can help it. Exactly. Same thing with rivens. DE added rivens so players would use other weapons but players kept using the best weapons made even more powerful with the rivens.
  9. A 2k run is boring, but it's also unnecessary. It's simply a waste of time for no good reason. There is nothing that a mission with a 1k run to objective and 1.3k run to extract provides that two missions with a 500m max distance to objective and 500m max run to extract except wasted time. This excludes open maps of course.
  10. A speedrunner is someone who has to finish first. Parkours to the objective, to extract, and past everything. A harvester is someone who opens lockers, breaks containers, looks for ayatans, and kills enemies.
  11. Well, not really. Doing nothing but running 2k+ kilometers, and often 3k, is more unnecessary than boring. I still don't understand how running through the same set of rooms five times instead of three times is far more boring? As for being a non-starter, it probably is. Having extremely long runs just to have them to the objective and extract really serves no purpose. Speedrunners should hate them. Harvesters should hate them. Players in the middle of the those two play-styles should hate them as well. But just wait. DE keeps padding distances and soon maps having shorter than 2k of nothing but running to the objective and to extract will be a thing of the past.
  12. I'm not. Let's take your suggestion and it's a solo player or a group that is specifically farming. Ok, so how is farming 500m run to the objective and 500m to extract any different than farming a 1k run to objective and 1k run to extract different? And before you yell "It's a longer run so there's more stuff," sure. But by that logic, a 2k run to objective then a 2k run to extract would be even better. And a 10k run to objective and a 10k run to extract would be even betterer. So a 20k run to objective and 20k run to extract would be even bettererer. It isn't. Two missions with 500m run to objective and to extract is much better than a 1k run to objective and 1k run to extract. I mentioned survival. That being said, I'd bet good money than 99% of every mission I've been in the past few years has been at least 2 of the players speedrunning. And before that at least two of the players were coptering. That's not magic. That's reality. It is rare to be in a game with anyone under MR6 that doesn't speedrun and parkour the entire map. No really. The "long runs" aren't wide open areas. They're tunnels. Tunnels with lots of doors, turns, objects, and such that completely eliminate sniping. Again, nope. You'd think as often and consistent as I am about DISTANCE TO THE OBJECTIVE and DISTANCE TO EXTRACT, people would actually understand my point. I want to shorten the distance to the objective and then to extract. From this distancedistancedistancedistancedistancedistancedistancedistanceOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEdistancedistancedistancedistancedistancedistancedistancedistanceEXTRACT To this distancedistancedistancedistanceOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEdistancedistancedistancedistanceEXTRACT See how the objective part of the map doesn't change? And before someone says "SEE! SEE! SEE! MAP SMALLER!," change it to this then distancedistancedistancedistanceOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEdistancedistancedistancedistanceEXTRACT So the map is even bigger. I'm not talking about map size. Again, I'm talking about the pure running distance to the objective and then to extract. Instead of repeating rooms five times, repeat them three times. Anyway, I'm not sure how the levels are interesting. The next mission on the same planet shows the exact same rooms, just arranged differently. Yeah, that's exactly my point. A mission with two rooms. Ok, sure. Wait. That's exactly what I suggested. Making the run to objective 500m and the run from objective to extract 500m is the exact same thing as suggesting two rooms. That's ok. I don't need to prove anyone wrong if they think doing nothing but running for 2k+ or sometimes 3k+ is fun. This is General Feedback, right? But the runs are only getting longer and longer.
  13. It wouldn't. Think of a radius of action around a player. Let's say it's 300m. Whether the map 300m, 400m, 800m, or infinite in size wouldn't matter. Only the 300m around the player matters. As for the resources, that doesn't matter effectively either. Let's say the map is 2k from start to extract. For the vast majority of missions, there is no way to harvest all of the resources. Now let's shorten the map to 1k from start to extract. There still isn't any way to harvest all of the resources on that map in the everyone agreed time of about 5 minutes permission. Unless the map is a survival or open area, but I'm not talking about those mission am I? Why not? Enemies 600m away aren't going to pick up a player. Sneaking starts off at the start of a mission. Shortening the distance to the objective and extract doesn't affect hiding and being sneaky at all. Variety wouldn't change. Instead of seeing the same rooms five times, you'll see them three times. I have to admit that arguing more repetition of rooms in the name of variety is pretty funny. You seem to be under the misconception that WF tilesets are uniquely and dynamically created every mission. They're not. With the exception of open areas, they are tunnels. I'm simply suggesting to shorten the tunnels.
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