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  1. What exactly do you expect DE to do now? It's already the last week. Rewards are already posted. What's done is done.
  2. I shouldn't be surprised by this forum, yet I always am. Post: There should be a kuva option in NW for players that already have everything crafted in NW. Kuva has been offered before. Responses: You're entitled. You should farm kuva instead. NW kuva farming is bad. You can't tell other players what missions are fun. You're insane. Of course the responses have nothing to do with the post, but oh well.
  3. I like that you're willfully misconstruing a forum post.
  4. DE employee 1 "I have the perfect idea." DE employee 2 "What's that?" DE employee 1 "Ninjas in space." DE employee 2 "That's an awesome idea." DE employee 1 "And tunnels. Lots of tiny tunnels" DE employee 2 "Perfect. And underwater mazes."
  5. Nightwave is fun, but most players with high MR have already crafted all of the rewards. Kiva was a reward earlier in the cycle. Since this is the last week on this NW, kuva, which is useful, should be a reward.
  6. Does anyone think "I want a riven of the hot new weapon. I know people are offering 600p for anything. I know what I'll do. I'll offer to pay 50p for a 'trash riven' that has terrible stats. That riven is worthless with those stats." Does it ever work?
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