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Gate Crash Summary Mail; Grineer Going To College


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hmm. Balor does seem like it might have been the actual  intent.



i didn't think twice about it, i assumed Baylor was some fancy name someone used random letters to come up with.

To be honest, I only really noticed because a lot of my friends and family are big fans of college football.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to taking the Fomorians down, even if they're not running a spread offense that's top in the Solar System.

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Ouuuu sweeeet!!! :D i just hope they wont be boring grind and be exciting

to be honest I can't see flying through space being boring... Unless it was spore... I too am looking foward to it.


Looking foward to BLOWING IT UP!!! wait...


 Baylor... Bay-lor... Bay... Michel Bay?


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