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Warframe Powers Working Together


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Ok, that title didnt make any sense, i still got your attention anyway.



Right now, one of the biggest problems and things warframe lacks is teamplay, so i came with this idea:



Improving most warframe abilities, and giving them more reasons and options to use them. Changing them in a way that most abilities can work in a different way depending on what is casted.


Lets put an example:


Think about having loki on our team, he has decoy, invisibility, switch teleport and radial disarm.


Then we have nova, with her (in)famous  molecular prime.


What about if loki's switch teleport, can trade his invisbility (if he has casted it) with the switched teammate, and make nova invisible to cast molecular prime to the enemies around wihout any harm? Sounds cool right?


Another example with frost and ember, this time due to damage 2.0:


So, frost casts his snow globe, then ember casts fire blast inside the snow globe, bam! The snow globe explodes ragdolling any enemy around with a high damage.



But not only this, it would be better if some buff abilities can be applied on teammates at the same time on yourself. Like for example ash's smoke screen, make it give invisibility (the duration is divided on how much players are affected) to the closest teammate, or saryn's contagion, making it applied to teammates's melee too.



What do you think about this?


EDIT: I just noticed this should go in the warframes & abilities subforum, f*ck.

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Im all for ability combos just as long as the functions of the combo still maintains the fucntions of the abilities used for it. By that i mean it would be pretty annoying if you were a frost trying to defend the pod with snowglobe and then a ember blows it up.

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Me and a few others had some thoughts on this a while ago,


Hopefully that link works.

(Links half way down the thread for whatever reason?)

It would be a good idea I think, though a lot of work.

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