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Disruptor Ancient Aura (U14 Buff): Just Checking -


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Is it supposed to reduce World on Fire damage by ~80% to itself and every other Infested affected by it?


Can't quote the post, but


Disruptor Ancients - Aura that reduces radial and power damage taken by nearby allies. <snip>





Again, there's no 'Creatures' subforum, and 'Abilities' is Warframe abilities.

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Ancient healers protect from Weapon Damage, Disruptors from Ability Damage.


these Auras stack. you're probably letting them bunch up too much, stacking the the Damage Reductions.

Nope, specifically tested this.

200 damage to an (other) ancient, 40 to a solo Disruptor.

400 to smallfry, 80 with only a Disruptor Ancient around.

Which comes out to 80%, I believe.


I ask since, tmk, Ember's 'niche' is murderizing Infested.

But between suicide huggers damaging you on ability death (including WoF) on one hand, and Disruptors reducing your damage by 80%... Eh.

Now theoretically Ancients stand out (taller, aura vfx), so can be focused to return to your regularly scheduled murderfest... but:

* the aura's radial, so if they're behind a wall, you're SOL.

* the height difference only helps if you're close to them, or higher than them. Most tile(set)s don't facilitate this.

The only exceptions off the top of my head are the large and/or multi-tiered Void tiles (which aren't affected by the buffed Ancients), the 'catwalk' Grineer Galleon tile, and a pair in the Corpus Settlement (the terraced room with the terminals and the round water-floored cavern).


So you can either punchthrough + Bow/sniper, or mod for range and melee, charge in with Accelerant and melee them down.

Problem being, for 'safety' (such as it is) using such a tactic, you (well, I) really want to be using Overextended for the extra reach on Accel (since you can't mod for duration, as afaik the stun is static)... which kills every single one of your other, main abilities, (as well as itself, since Accel's Heat amp is what lets Ember even pretend to scale; ) what with Ember being an alleged nuke frame.



Am I missing something in my overview?

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Am I missing something in my overview?

that the Auras definitely seem to stack. hits on some Enemies with AoE Weapons when they're allowed to bunch up will result in Shield 0's instead of real Damage.


Abilities may not share this, but either way, it's reduced Damage. the solution is to use all of the tools at your disposal, all 3 Weapons, your Abilities, and your Companion.


exact reduction amounts, i wouldn't know. i focus on killing them, and do so fine. if an Enemy survives somethinig it normally wouldn't have inside one of the Auras, i'll attack it again and it'll probably die. or, i deal with the Ancients first while slowing the whole, which seems more practical to me.




those metrics, if true, are 80% reductions, and i would presume they're that high in order to keep some Equipmpent from /caring about it.

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Healer aura gives 90% (any)damage resistance,  I believe Disrupter is 90% resistance to any AOEs (might be 80% didn't test)

If you see '0' s popping up  - that means Healer gets healed from other units instead of taking damage. I didn't observe resistance auras stacking. 


And yes, it has made Ember even more useless, as I have said many times. The change was supposed to be indirect nerf to explosive weapons but resulted in more a nerf to AoE abilities

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