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Syndicate Dailies



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They do reward more as you rank up in your syndicate, but if you're doing Viver runs you really aren't going to benefit much from them unless to break up the tedium. Not everyone wants to grind Viver. Also some people do like the experience of running missions or tasks handed down by their syndicate. Maybe in the future DE will add some more variety to their in game dialogue.



To be more specific, I'm currently Tier 3 in Steel Meridian (Defender). It will take 70,000 total rep to make it to the next tier. My dailies currently give me around 2k total reputation for all three. It's nothing compared to Viver but I can do them solo, they can be somewhat high level and I don't really need a specialized team to do them like I would on Viver. Plus clan mates over pubbies any day of the week.

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You have more chances of being chased by death squads from opposing syndicates when doing these missions.


I found no rewards for killing these persecutors but maybe this will change in time.


Considering you always get points for main and extra for allied syndicate it's not wise to skip these as most are very easy even in solo mode.

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I seriously get 250+ rep just from doing Kappa MD and get to level all my weak stuff at the same time, works just as good as daily, so...




I like hearing the Steel Meridian chick and Red Veil guy talk to me, so I'd say their worth it just for that.


I actually think her voice acting is some of the worst. I really really tried and wanted to like her, but the lines themselves are bad so far, and the delivery is deplorable.


Red Veil guy has good voice acting but meh.


I should've probably just picked Hexis or something, but 200% multishot enticed me.

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