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Tenno Translators


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You may have noticed most of the text in the game was translated very roughly; we regret that we have not yet mastered the Orokin technology required for proper translation.

We are looking for Tenno skilled in multiple languages to help correct the text we have while our scientists continue to study the artifacts in our possession.

The Lotus has not yet agreed to any payment for this assistance but has not ruled out the possibility of reward.

We are currently accepting a limited number of volunteers; we’re not sure how well this will scale so please be patient with us.


  • You must have a Google account so that you can access shared Google docs.
  • You must grant Digital Extremes unlimited rights to any text you contribute; any work you submit is owned by us and we don’t want to hear from your lawyer about it.

To volunteer please open a support ticket at http://support.warframe.com/ and include:

  • the gmail address where we can reach you
  • the languages you can help with

We are looking for volunteers for the following languages:

French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean

Offers without a gmail address will be ignored (use a support ticket if you want to keep your email-address private); I assume that if you can't bother to read the directions above you are not serious about helping.

Edit: All teams are now full except for Spanish, French, and Japanese. Thanks very much!

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I just wanted to say that some our volunteers have been an amazing amount of work!

Akrista and IBum have been working hard on Spanish

Kokuen did a huge amout of Portuguese

WolfFenrir and Molixix were tearing up the Russian!

We're all blown away at how much work these guys did in under 24hours in just their spare time!

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Another incredible day of translation effort!

Kokuen did another 283 corrections to Portuguese!

Akrista, IBum and RareApo did 354 corrections to Spanish!

WolfFenrir and Moloxix did 130 corrections to Russian!

I can't wait to release an update with all their hard work!

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If you're playing the patch today in Spanish, thank Akrista, IBum, RareApo and Rexgad for doing a huge amount of work to polish it up!

If you noticed the improved the quality of the Russian translation thank WolfFenrir, Moloxix and fafnir4ik!

And if you are enjoying the Portuguese version you have only Kokuen to thank because he did it all by himself!

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I'm also working on Portuguese translations, could we maybe have PT_EU and PT_BR given the fact that we have very distinct speech paterns and alot of our words mean diferent things.

Personally I live in Portugal not Brazil and while I have nothing against Brazilians I find that they speak in a very diferent way than I do and I think Brazilians would think the same about my way of speaking.

Edit: Actually if we could use D collumn for one and E collumn for the other that would be great.

Edited by Goggles
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I'm sorry but the 12 languages we have right now are already consuming a lot of my time :( I would prefer Brazilian Portuguese (or neutral) for the first pass and perhaps after things settle down we can make another specialization. Sorry Goggles.

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