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New Contest: Elevated Liberty!

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This is the picture i chose to submit, It was really hard to chose what picture to use as I took a lot...  If you wanna see the pictures that Lotus didn't decide to ruin (Lotus ruined maybe 30 Pictures, she kept popping up as i took pictures, every time)


This features Zephyr, using a Simulor, Akzani, Tipedo, and Para Carrier. I loved this picture because of how well the weapons look in the picture. There are definitely way more flashy pictures in the album below.


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Because it's my first time here and I haven't known how to put the show/hide button, here they are.






Good luck to all participants.






I'm on low settings because 5450 ;-;

One submission per person

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Tried my best! :)


EDIT: Uploaded a larger version (uploading PS4 screenshots is tricky! Twitter reduces the size a lot)


Double EDIT:


In case we're able to do cropped screenshots, then I'd like to go ahead and submit this as an alternative (if we're going full size, please default to the one above)






No photoshop or manipulation of ANY kind was used in my pic, and to re-iterate, the second picture is cropped and I'm only suggesting it be for the contest (I'm aware we're allowed only one entry) if we're allowed to crop (it is not manipulated in any way, either. Yes, with the proper lighting you can get the Pyra Prime Syandana, Targis Prime shoulders and Obex to all do those neat things and look that rad while using channeling).

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Here is mine :), I ran out of Grand Finales at first XD, Put i hope Starburst could be used as an an alternative.


      Arsenal Look:







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