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We Are Done With Supra, Time For Synapse.


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Anyone remembers this thing? The pre-Amprex meta? It is in a dire need of a buff, thanks to our beloved power creep.


In comparison:



DMG: 12.5

ROF: 10

Reload: 1.7s

Status: 10%



DMG: 7.5

ROF: 20

Reload: 2.7s

Status: 20%



Magsize: 100

Crit. Ch: 50%

Crit. Dmg: x2.0


Because both of these weapons use pretty much the same mod set, I'll skip calculations for maxed X forma builds, instead, base stats:



Burst DPS=187.5

Sustained DPS=160.25



Burst DPS=225

Sustained DPS=146.1


And it would be pretty much fine! Synapse would have better sustained DPS while Amprex would excel in burst, but...


Amprex chains, up to like 4 enemies within 8m range, effectively quadrapling its DPS most of the time.


Both weapons are nearly the same tier, with Amprex being available slightly earlier and Synapse being more expensive.


These weapons should be pretty much equal in terms of performance, Amprex should excel at distributed damage while Synapse would be better at single target DPS.


Solution would be quite simple, like giving Synapse slightly more damage base and maybe higher crit multiplier.


20 damage base and x2.5 crit multiplier would result in:

Burst DPS=350

Sustained DPS=299


Making it clearly superior against single target, while Amprex would still have an edge against crowds, it could be obviously buffed further, into high 400s DPS (25-30dmg base), to make it competitive against crowds with following stats:


30 damage base and x2.5 multiplier

Burst DPS= 525

Sustained DPS=448.7


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with Range Mods and the like in mind, Synapse probably could just do with adjusting it's 'tri-beam laser' style beam so that it doesn't have such incredible spread, and then give it some more Range.

able to touch things out to significant distances seems like something it would be good at, considering it's a singular beam.

30 meters sounds good. and with it's Spread more in control so Sinister Reach is an option.

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A buff to it would be nice, but no top priority like was with the supra, is still nice and is a sidegrade to the amprex( or even a downgrade considering the chain). Im up to the more range and more ammo economy/damage( only a tiny bit) so it can do something when you put aganist an amprex

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I just dusted my synapse off yesterday for lolz. It looks cool in Chroma's hands...then i put it back into the dusty attic.

So yes, id like to see a rework sooner or later. Not sure about stat buff, but id really like to see a unique mechanic buff.

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Synapse is just as expensive as Amprex, requires higher mastery rank yet is pretty much a straight downgrade to it.

There are many weapons that could use either a solid buff or a rework, but out of them all, Synapse was the first one that came to my mind.

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