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Christmas Gift Requests? (PS4 Only)


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So I have a lot of platinum right now and as of recent I've been thinking of how I can gift members of the community this Christmas. I'll try to give everyone that comments at least one of these three items

1x Catylist

1x Forma 

1x Reactor

Also I'll be taking requests and I'll send gifts on the 24th of December just post one item you want below in game and I will select a few people to send those items to. Just post your ingame name and what you want for Christmas in Warframe and if you're lucky it will be delivered on the 24th. I promise that this isn't a scam and 100% free. I only want to give gifts this christmas and if you want me to gift something to one of your friends who might be having a bad christmas I can do that as well. 

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2 minutes ago, (PS4)skip2435 said:

Thanks for the advice I didn't really think about that but the first wave of Formas, Reactors, and Catylists will be sent tonight. So which of the three do you want?

Actually my mistake. It ends on January 4th. Anyway, I guess it's worth a shot. I would like a Catalyst for Xmas.:satisfied:

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3 minutes ago, dadich said:

really great idea and very nice of you, and the thing i really want in warframe is "Greater Zenurik Lens" the hardest thing for me to get or buy..

IGN: Dadich

Tho, being me.. i did not seen the "PS4 only" thing, im PC, you can forget it. but thanks anyways.

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14 minutes ago, (PS4)skip2435 said:

Is he going through a tough time this christmas? 

Not that I'm aware of, he's just a buddy I got addicted to the game not to long ago.  He's in that phase where you are getting many more new warframes than potatoes.  I sent him a Frost Glyph and the Frost Christmas skin because that's his Warframe of choice right now. 

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